#218 It’s Too Late and It’s Too Bad – Primer

Written by Gretchen Berg & Aaron Harberts
Directed by Patrick Norris

Liz and Maria are in Alex’s room. Liz, intent on finding the truth about Alex’s death, searches his computer for clues and unlocks a file which reads “Leanna is not Leanna.” The next day, Liz corners Derek, a kid from Alex’s computer class, and asks him the meaning of the binary code from Alex’s food receipt. Max interrupts and tries to make peace with Liz. It doesn’t go well and the rift between them widens. Maria doesn’t want to be involved with Liz’s investigation. Instead, she focuses on making a yearbook collage in remembrance of Alex. Michael offers to help.

The four aliens gather to discuss Liz; she’s talking to a lot of people and asking dangerous questions. Isabel tries to consider the possibility that Liz is right, but Max shuts her down. Isabel then tries to discuss her college plans, but again Max dismisses the subject. Later, Tess asks Max about their prom kiss, wanting to know where they stand. Max admits the implications of them being together scare him. Meanwhile, Liz and Sean get caught breaking into the school to copy Alex’s student files. Sean covers for Liz. Deputy Hansen gives Liz a warning, but hauls Sean away.

Across town, Michael offers to talk to Isabel to discourage her college plans and Max agrees. As they then talk about Alex, Max tells Michael he couldn’t bare it if Liz is right, if they are responsible for his death. Max goes on to say he now agrees with Michael’s earlier pursuit in finding the truth about their alien lives and that maybe they don’t belong on Earth. Michael contradicts him, saying he feels he might’ve been wrong all along.

Valenti informs Max about Liz’s break-in and warns they should be more careful. Using a number off the stolen files, Liz calls the Olsens, Alex’s host family in Sweden, but gets an answering machine. The next day at school, Michael tells Isabel she can’t go to college and it’s by Max’s command. Stung, Isabel retorts that if Max has something to say to her he should find the time to tell her himself. Meanwhile, Max overhears Liz on the phone with the Swedish Embassy, asking about a building in one of Alex’s Sweden pictures. Max demands she stop asking questions and they have a bitter argument. Tess comforts Max and leads him to the Observatory where she shows him a star that can also be seen from their planet. Tess explains that even though it feels like a dream, their home planet is a reality.

Maria goes to Liz’s room. It’s littered with information about Alex. She pleads with Liz to stop chasing something that’s not there and accept Alex’s death. Liz goes to Sean to thank him for covering for her. Sean tries to get her to open up, but she tells him she can’t, kisses him and leaves. Maria goes to Michael and explains she can’t be with him; he’s only going to leave one day and her heart can’t take any more loss. Later, Liz finally gets through on the Olsen’s number, but the man on the phone tells her no one named ‘Olsen’ lives there. Liz decides she must go to Sweden herself to investigate.

Meanwhile, Max finds Isabel and offers an alternative to her college choice. When Isabel insists she’s going to do what she wants, Max tells her he will do everything in his power to keep her in Roswell. Liz waits outside of town for a taxi to the airport. Max drives up to stop her from going. Max tells Liz that if she leaves, their friendship is over. Liz tells Max it’s the price to pay to find out the truth.

After getting advice from Mrs. DeLuca, Michael tells Maria she’s right, he will leave someday, but he wants to give her now and they reconcile. Max returns to the Observatory where Tess finds him. Max opens up to her, saying his life on Earth is falling apart and he’s ready to accept his alien side. They consummate their relationship Just before boarding a plane to Sweden, Liz gets a call from the Embassy. The building she asked about was torn down seven years ago. Liz realizes Alex never went to Sweden.

Roswell Commentary

“…Max is starting to accept the fact that he’s an alien…”

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