#202 Ask Not – Primer

Written by Ronald D. Moore
Directed by Bruce Seth Green

After learning of Nasedo’s death, Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess take his body to the pod chamber where they attempt to use the healing stones to revive him. Unsuccessful, they watch Nasedo turn to dust and realize they are now on their own to face an unknown enemy alien.

Max takes Tess home and discovers someone has broken in. Max runs after the suspect, only to find a piece of alien skin on the brush outside. Max decides to take Tess to live with Sheriff Valenti and Kyle; who has recently returned from football camp with the self-discovery of Buddha.

Now attempting to become the leader he’s destined to be, Max orders everyone to return to his or her normal life. While at school Max gets the feeling he’s being followed, and soon discovers he has a new power to create a wall of energy a few feet in front of him.

Upon returning to work, Max discovers the UFO museum has been sold to a man named Brody. Looking for information on Brody, Max discovers a pentagon with alien symbols. Max tells Michael and Isabel what he found, but orders them to let him handle the situation. Against Max’s orders, Michael decides to investigate. At the museum, Michael nears the pentagon and sets it off causing him to be thrown across the room, nearly getting caught by Brody who was holding the device at the time.

After Michael tells the others what happened to him, Isabel tells Max they should kill Brody before he can kill them. Max agrees, but as he is about to go through with the killing realizes it’s not who they really are. Max confronts Brody about his true identity and the pentagon. Brody tells Max he was once abducted by aliens, and the pentagon was something he bought from a man who deals in alien artifacts. Brody thought the pentagon was junk, until May 14th when it went off, and was traced to Roswell.

Feeling Brody is not a real threat, Max, Michael and Isabel go to the Crashdown. While there, the new waitress Courtney excuses herself to the restroom where we discover she’s actually a skin.

Meanwhile, Liz covers for Nasedo/Agent Pierce’s disappearance by telling Congresswoman Whitaker about a voicemail message he left saying he was going away and wasn’t coming back. Whitaker responds by shredding all of her files on Agent Pierce, although becomes intrigued when Liz mentions the name ‘Tess.’

Ronald D. Moore Commentary

“…when Tess was brought in last season…you didn’t want to like her…”

Transcribed by You?