#208 Meet The Dupes (1) – Primer

Written by Toni Graphia
Directed by James Contner

Walking through the streets of New York, we see what looks like punk versions of Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess discussing an upcoming alien summit, and the Royal Four. The punk kids later steal a Trans Am, and change the license plate to New Mexico.

Meanwhile back in Roswell, Brody tells Max about recent alien communication activity on the East Coast. Later when Maria brings Brody his lunch, we realize Brody may have feelings for her.

On the road to Roswell, the Dupes discuss Zan and how because he wouldn’t change his mind about attending the Summit, they are going to Roswell to find Max to convince him to go in Zan’s place. Upon arrival in Roswell, the Dupes are pulled over by Valenti. They convince Valenti they’re going to a New York theme party, and trick him into leading them to the Evans home where they go inside and search Max’s room. There they find a picture of Liz, and realize she must be Max’s girlfriend. Later when Rath goes to the high school, he confronts Liz and kisses her.

Meanwhile, Max approaches Isabel to find out what she knows about being Vilandra. Isabel hides what she truly knows, as Max then calls everyone to a meeting at the UFO Center to discuss the signals Brody told him. When the Dupes show up, Michael realizes the Dupes are the four from the missing pods (Summer of ’47), and asks where is their Max. The Dupes tell them Zan had an accident, and reveal they came to Roswell to find the rest of their crew. The Dupes also reveal their protector told them about them although he disappeared years ago. The kids then break off into groups.

Rath explains to Max how they were contacted by the five ruling families of their star system who want to hold a summit in New York. He explains they need Max to represent their family because with Zan dead, Max is the King, and the families are unaware there were two sets sent to Earth. Rath tells Max the stakes are high. There are wars on their planet, and they want peace. Millions of lives hang in the balance, and Max now needs to step up.

Michael questions Lonnie about what she knows, and she tells him that when their planet was taken over by a hostile race, their people were overthrown and their mother arranged for them to be created from a mix of alien and human DNA and sent to Earth. She explains how one batch was defective, made too human, meaning Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess, and tells him they made another set, the Dupes, who have been living in New York.

Isabel and Lonnie discuss Vilandra, and how she betrayed her family, and Lonnie realizes Isabel hasn’t told Max about what she knows. When Brody comes into the Center, Maria saves the day by asking him to breakfast where Brody tells Maria he feels he might be about to be abducted again.

Now worried Max may not attend the summit, Lonnie uses what she knows about Isabel, and goes to Max to tell him the truth about Vilandra. Angry about hearing it from Lonnie, Max confronts Isabel, and the two fight. Max ends the fight by telling Isabel he’s going to New York and after he leaves, we realize Isabel was actually Lonnie. Max then goes to Liz to discuss the two of them being friends, and tells her he doesn’t think he can. He then gives her back a gift he gave her, and tells her he needs a clean break…that he’s going to New York. Using what she knows from her visit from Future Max (End of the World), Liz tells Max to be careful. She tells him the Granilith is powerful and could be dangerous if in the wrong hands. When Max questions Liz’s knowledge of the Granilith, she only tells him to trust her, but Max tells her he’s not sure he does.

Max and Tess then meet the Dupes to head to New York. Unsure she wants to go back, Ava tells Lonnie and Rath she’s staying behind. Deciding they don’t need her, Rath tells her to stay as Max, Tess, Lonnie and Rath get in the car and head toward New York.

Brendan Fehr Commentary

“…the mohawk, the tattoos, the chains…that kinda sets the stage…”

Transcribed by London2LA

Well first thing was the er physical appearance, that kind of sets the mood depending on what you look like. If you feel you look mean, if you feel others will perceive you to be mean then it’s a lot easier to play. If you’re a geek in glasses and you know, your pants hiked up to your tits you will not feel particularly mean. So the mohaw and the tattoos and the chains and the leather and the big boots that kind of sets the stage so you can walk out of the trailer just really feeling it. The second part would be the dialogue. You combine the look with the dialogue and after that you basically just make little decisions yourself here and there. I don’t even know what i was trying.
The first *laugh* the first episode I didn’t think I was good in at all. I thought, I thought I really sucked and it was because i was trying to do a New York accent. I’m terrible at accents number one so I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m still inhibited in some ways in terms of playing the character to its fullest. Cause you really put yourself out there and if you put yourself out completely and it sucks you feel really awful cause you gave it the most you had and you still sucked. So sometimes it’s a lot easier – not that I went half assed on it – but its a lot easier to go 70 percent and go “Err I wasn’t that great but i had 30% more to give – it would have been great if I did”. It’s almost like not wanting to do something cause you don’t want to fail so for the first episode it was half that and it was half just not having the time to prepare a proper New York accent which for anyone not living outside of New York, any actor and stuff like that unless they got a gift at accents and an ear for it – you know, it takes a little time.