#209 Max In The City (2) – Primer

Written by Ronald D. Moore
Directed by Patrick Norris

Max and Tess arrive in New York with Lonnie and Rath. Unbeknown to Max, Nicholas is also there and we discover already knows the Dupes. The Dupes take Max and Tess to their pad, where Lonnie reveals Max will have to pass a test in order to prove he is the true King. Meanwhile, in Roswell, Maria tells Liz there is a rumor going around that she slept with Kyle. Liz tells Maria the rumor is true, and Maria gets upset that Liz wouldn’t share something so personal with her. Liz then finds Ava sleeping in the ally behind the Crashdown.

Back in New York, Max passes the test when an Emissary pulls information from his mind about their star system. Rath tells Max the vision is stenciled on his brain, and the Emissary is simply using a human body as a vessel to communicate; that he can make the human do whatever he wants, and the human will later believe he’s been abducted. As Liz decides to tell Maria she never slept with Kyle, and about her visit from Future Max (End of the World), Max learns more about their.

The Dupes tell Max about the five worlds of their star system and how each is sending a representative to the summit. Max learns they are all at war, and people on his planet are unhappy with Kivar’s rule. Max then learns he has a possibility of going back, and questions leaving Michael and Isabel behind. The Dupes explain that the leaders are expecting the Royal Four, not the Royal Seven. When Lonnie asks about the Granilith, Max denies knowing anything about it.

Max calls Isabel to ask her how she feels about going “home” and demands she and Michael give him an answer. Max then tells Isabel that Lonnie told him about Vilandra, and Isabel is confused when he mentions his their last meeting. Isabel realizes Lonnie had impersonated her, and confronts Ava who tells them she knows nothing. Liz then pleads with Ava to tell them the truth saying she loves Max as much as Ava did Zan. Ava confesses that Lonnie and Rath killed Zan, and will probably kill Max.

Max attends the summit and meets the other leaders, all in human bodies including Brody’s. In walks Nicholas there to represent Kivar and their world, and reveal Kivar’s offer: Max can return as King in name only and all power remains in Kivar’s hands; Max tells his followers to lay down their weapons and devote their loyalty to Kivar; Max returns the Granilith. Telling them he needs to think it over, Max and Tess take a moment to discuss their options. Max then shares Liz’s warning about the Granilith, although neither is sure how she knew.

In Roswell, Isabel is unsuccessfully trying to warn Max by dreamwalking him, and Ava reveals that because Max healed Liz, she should have the power to get through to him. Scared, Liz agrees to try. Meanwhile in New York, Lonnie goes to Nicholas to cut a deal in order for her to get home. We learn the two share a past, as Lonnie tells Nicholas she remembers their World, Kivar, and being Vilandra. Nicholas tells Lonnie that Kivar wants Max dead either way, but if she can arrange the deal she can go home. Lonnie then goes to Max telling him millions of lives hang in the balance and provides reasons Max should accept. Back inside the summit, Max turns down the deal as the representatives of the worlds withdraw their offers and leave.

Upset at Max, the Dupes decide to kill him although Liz gets through just in time to warn and save him. Max then realizes the Dupes and Tess are gone, and he later finds Tess sitting alone, scared. Tess tells Max the Dupes tried to get inside her head and find out where the Granilith is, and although she doesn’t know where the Dupes went, she knows she’s ready to go home to Roswell.

Back in Roswell, Max tells Isabel he decided not to take the deal because he realized that any deal meaning he would be leaving she and Michael behind was not a deal he could accept. He then tells her their relationship comes first now, and always. Meanwhile, Liz tells Ava goodbye, as Brody tells Maria of his abduction. Liz then tells Max she doesn’t feel any different as he thanks her for saving his life. Max tells Liz he would like to start their friendship again, and says he has only one question to ask her – did she sleep with Kyle. Max assumes the answer is yes when Liz doesn’t respond, and as Max leaves, we see Liz is torn with not being able to tell him the truth.

Brendan Fehr Brendan Fehr Commentary

“…it wasn’t so much the accent, it was an attitude…”

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