#201 Skin And Bones – Music

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Grant Interrupts

Alex tries to get Isabel to go see ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, Isabel doesn’t want to go out, Grant interrupts them.

TV: Stone Temple Pilots – Sour Girl
Album: No.4 (1999)
Music: Spotify | Apple | YouTube
Web: www.stonetemplepilots.com

DVD/Streaming: ?

Nasedo-Pierce Arrives

Nasedo-Pierce arrives at the Crashdown. He goes to the bathroom and shapeshifts back to Ed Harding.

TV: 3 Doors Down – Kryptonite
Album: Better Life (2000)
Music: Spotify | Apple | YouTube
Web: www.3doorsdown.com

DVD/Streaming: Big Stone City – Drive Away

Party At The Crashdown

Max explains to everyone he aged the bones to exonerate Michael, Courtney leaves work, Michael and Maria talk about their relationship.

TV: Bif Naked – Lucky
Album: I Bificus (1999)
Music: Spotify | Apple
Web: www.bifnaked.com

DVD/Streaming: Mackabella – The Way You Are
Album: Mackabella (2002)
Music: Spotify

Back To The Way It Was?

Max asks Liz if things could go back to the way it was, Max touches her arm and she has a flash.

TV: Richard Ashcroft – Brave New World
Album: Alone With Everybody (2000)
Music: Spotify | Apple | YouTube
Web: www.richardashcroft.com

DVD/Streaming: Buva – I Fall Asleep
Album: Daydream (2004)
Music: Spotify