#204 Summer Of ’47 – Music

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At School

Max and Michael arrive at school. Maria asks Michael if he got her messages about Portishead. Liz asks Max what to do about Whitaker’s calls. Michael gets his history assignment.

TV: Mest – Drawing Board
Album: Destination Unknown (2001)
Music: Spotify | Apple | YouTube

DVD/Streaming: Relient K – Pressing On
Album: The Anatomy Of Tongue in Cheek (2001)
Music: Spotify | YouTube

At Parker’s Bar

The bartender and the customers discuss the crash, Hal and Richie discuss what they should do, Betty Osorio flirts with Hal, Cavitt tells Hal not to talk to Betty.

TV: Frank Sinatra – Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)
Album:  Greatest Love Songs (1964) | Nothing But The Best | A Man and His Music (1965)
Music: Spotify | Apple | YouTube
Web: www.sinatra.com

DVD/Streaming: Joel Evans Orchestra feat. Patrick Tuzzolino – Until It Happens To You

Hal & Rosemary

Hal and Rosemary in her bedroom.

TV: Brian Setzer Orchestra – Gettin’ In The Mood
Album: ?
Music: ?

DVD/Streaming: Instrumental

Maria Waiting on Michael and Hal

Maria waiting on Michael and Hal. Michael asks to borrow the Jetta.

TV: Vast – Free
Album: Music for people (2000)
Web: www.realvast.com

DVD/Streaming: Nero – This Isn’t Time

Hal meets Betty

Hal meets Betty. Betty wants him to talk to Yvonne White.

TV: Frank Sinatra – There Will Never Be Another You
Album: ?
Music: ?

DVD/Streaming: Joel Evans Orchestra feat. Patrick Tuzzolino – Maybe It’s You
Album: ?
Music: ?

Hal finds Richie drinking

Hal finds Richie drinking. Richie questions if he’s on the right side, Hal tells him the story will be in the morning paper and leaves. Cavitt tells Richie well done.

TV: Rebecca Kyler Downs – Love Me Like Candy
Album: ?
Music: ?

DVD/Streaming: Rebecca Kyler Downs – Love Me Like Candy

Betty’s Note

Hal returns to Parker’s for his usual after being forced to resign. The bartender gives him a note and a key from Betty.

TV: Jimmy Dale Gilmore – Mack The Knife
Web: www.jimmiegilmore.com

DVD/Streaming: ?
Album: ?
Music: ?