#205 The End Of The World – Music

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Driving To Madame Vivian

Maria driving Liz and Alex to Madame Vivian. Repeats when Liz and Kyle get ready to climb into bed.

TV: The Pierces – Save Me
Album: Light Of The Moon (2003)
Music: Spotify | Apple | YouTube
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DVD/Streaming: Vaughan Penn – The Deeper I Fall
Album: Transcendence (2004)
Music: Spotify

Tres Días

Max sings with the Mariachi Band to Liz from the street.

TV/DVD/Streaming: Jason Behr – Tres Días

Relationship Talk & Courtney Flirts

Maria tries to talk to Michael about their relationship. Courtney slaps Michael’s butt. Michael and Maria discuss Courtney.

TV/DVD/Streaming: Olivia Tremor Control – Love Athena
Album: The Olivia Tremor Control Presents: Singles and Beyond (2000)
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A Ride Home

Michael gives Courtney a ride home.

TV: Jeremy Toback – Follow

DVD/Streaming: ?

Fall Out Of Love

Liz and Maria talk in the Crashdown storeroom. Liz realizes what she needs to do to make Max fall out of love with her.

TV: Holly Palmer – Switched
Album: Tender Hooks (2004)
Music: Spotify | Apple | YouTube
Web: www.hollypalmer.com

DVD/Streaming: Loni Rose – Let Me Go Back
Album: Starlight (2005)
Music: Spotify | Apple

In Bed

Max sees Liz and Kyle in bed together.

TV: Windsor For The Derby – The Egg
Album:  Difference and Repetition (1999)
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DVD/Streaming: removed

Wedding Dance

Liz and Future Max have their “wedding dance”

TV/DVD/Streaming: Sheryl Crow – I Shall Believe
Album: Tuesday Night Music Club (1993) | Roswell Soundtrack (2002)
Music: Spotify | Apple | YouTube
Web: www.sherylcrow.com | @sherylcrow | facebook.com/sherylcrow | @sherylcrow | YouTube