#206 Harvest – Music

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Walking To Their Lockers

Liz and Maria walking to their lockers. Michael tells Maria that Courtney is a Skin.

TV: Cleopatra – U Got It
Albums: Steppin’ out (2000)
Music:  Spotify | Apple | YouTube

DVD/Streaming: Angela Johnson – Rescue Me
Albums: I Still Care | They Don’t Know (2009)
Music: Spotify | Apple | YouTube

On the Couch

Max, Liz, Isabel and Tess on the couch in Whitaker’s parents’ house.

TV: Gene Autry – Back in the Saddle Again
Albums: The Essential Gene Autry, 1933-1946 | The Essential Gene Autry (2005)
Music:  Spotify | Apple
Web: www.geneautry.com

DVD/Streaming: ?