#212 We Are Family (2) – Music

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Alex Returns From Sweden

In the school hallway when Alex first returns from Sweden.

TV: Old 97’s – King Of All The World
Album: Satellites Rides (2001)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: ?
Album: ?
Music: ?

Swedish Night

Liz, Alex, Maria and Isabel celebrating Swedish Night on Liz’s balcony.

TV: Vertical Horizon – Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)
Album: Everything You Want (1999)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: Lucky Jim – Endless Night
Album: Our Troubles End Tonight (2003)
Music: Spotify

Slide Show

Liz and Alex looking at his slides.

TV: Travis – Turn
Album: The Man Who
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: Athenaeum – Young Again
Album: Hourglass (2002)
Music: Spotify


During the “mustard scene” with Liz and Sean.

TV: Gomez – Bring Your Lovin’ Back Here
Album: Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline (2000)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: The Stratford 4 – Where the Ocean Meets the Eye
Music: Spotify

A Kiss In the Jetta

Jim and Amy kiss in the Jetta.

TV: James Taylor – Her Town Too
Compilation: They Write The Songs  (2001)
Music: Spotify

DVD/Streaming: Darran Falcone – Hermosa Avenue