#213 Disturbing Behavior (3) – Quotes

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Liz: I wish you guys could just phone home.
Isabel: Wouldn’t that be nice?

Max: Is Liz here?
Amy DeLuca: Are you gonna take her across state borders?
Max: No.
Amy DeLuca: Then yep, she’s here.

Amy DeLuca: Each time leaving out on the open road, another piece of her innocence, and my Jetta.

Sean: Aunt Amy’s flipping over M being AWOL.
Alex: Great! You want to translate that for, you know, the people that haven’t served time?
Sean: Where the hell’s Maria?

Liz: It looks like they’re… alien versions of negleria filarae. Waterborne parasites found in the blood cells of certain species of fish.
Max: Parasites? Well, that implies they need something to feed on… like an arm.