#214 How The Other Half Lives (4) – Music

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Grandpa Dupree

Michael and Laurie talk about Grandpa Dupree.

TV: Stereophonics – Lying In The Sun
Album: Just Enough Education To Perform (J.E.E.P.)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: Matt Beckler – Fools At The Table
Album: ?
Music: ?

A Song In The Cave

The song Alex and Kyle sing in the underground cave. (Song by Don McLean)

TV/DVD/Streaming: Colin Hanks and Nick Wechsler – American Pie
Info: This song is by Don McLean. Madonna did a very successful cover of this song later.
Albums: American Pie (1971) | The Best Of Don McLean (1998)
Music: Spotify | Apple

Launching By The Pool

Michael and Maria lounging by the pool. Laurie swimming. Max calls Michael.

TV: Bebel Gilberto – So Nice (Summer Samba)
Album: Tanto Tempo (2000)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: ?
Music: Spotify | Apple | YouTube

Dinner With Meredith & Bobby

Michael, Maria and Laurie have dinner as Meredith and Bobby leave for their event.

TV: Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – Taste Of Honey
Album: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: ?
Album: ?
Music: ?


Michael and Maria discuss Laurie.

TV: Jill Phillips – Everything
Album: Jill Phillips (1999)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: Lucky Jim – You’re Lovely to Me
Album: Our Troubles End Tonight (2003)
Music: Spotify | Apple