#214 How The Other Half Lives (4) – Quotes

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Maria: Greetings. It’s the team of Guerin and DeLuca again.
Intercom: Wait right where you are. The police should be by to scoop you up in approximately ten minutes.

Alex: So is this the sixth or seventh hole we’ve dug today?
Kyle: Hey, hey. I was kinda wondering what the hell you people were doing sophomore year.

Kyle: What do you think alien crystals are going for on Ebay?

Kyle: Suddenly I’ve joined this club I never wanted to join. And it looks a lot like a chain gang.

Kyle: Since Alex and I figured out how to kill the queen and Max told Michael, Michael must have killed the queen, so all the crystals died, and they fell on us ’cause they’re dead which means we must have saved the world!

Michael: I’m not what you’d call an optimist. Life sucks and people suck.