#214 How the Other Half Lives (4) – Transcript

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[Episode opens with someone breaking into Michael’s apartment and searching frantically for something, leaving a mess in his wake. His search comes to an end when he comes across a picture of Laurie Dupree.] [Scene switches to Michael and Maria spying on the Dupree estate] MICHAEL: [looking through binoculars, to Maria, who is punching in numbers on a cell phone] Hey, we’re here to keep an eye on Laurie. Would you stop making phone calls?
MARIA: [to Michael] It’s official business. [into the phone] Liz! Hey, it’s me again. Listen, um, how do you get tree sap out of fabric? I think I’ve ruined my top…
MICHAEL: You’re wasting the battery.
MARIA: No, no. The black turtleneck…The cashmere one…I borrowed it from my mum, you know? …I know…I know, right? It’s tragic.[the lights go out in the house] It is…I’m still in the middle of nowhere with he who shall remain nameless [Michael yanks the phone away] Hey! Ow!!
MICHAEL: [Switches off the phone] Let’s go!
[They sneak into the estate and hide by the pool as a security guard passes by.] MARIA: You got any cool powers to take care of him?
[Michael throws a rock into the bushes. As the guard goes to check out the noise, Michael and Maria slip into the house.] [Meanwhile, back in Roswell the Sheriff and Agent Duff pull over Grant Sorenson’s car..] DUFF: Step out of the car please.
GRANT: What the hell is this about?
JIM: Brought you something you’ve wanted for a long time. Search warrant.
[Jim starts to search the trunk while Duff talks to Grant] DUFF: Can I ask you a few questions, Mr. Sorenson?
GRANT: Sure.
DUFF: [Shows him some papers] These are car rental receipts that you signed. Newcastle, Wyoming last July; Fort Collins, Colorado in August; and Las Cruces, New Mexico in September. Are these your signatures?
GRANT: Yeah, they might be. What the hell’s this all about?
DUFF: Just questions for now. Why were you in those cities?
GRANT: Research. I’ve got records
DUFF: I’d appreciate looking at those.
[Jim walks up with some gloves he found in the trunk] JIM: These your gloves?
JIM: They were in your bag
GRANT: I’ve never seen those gloves before in my life. Agent Duff, I have no idea what this man has told you or what he has against me, but he has been persecuting me practically since the day I set foot in Roswell. And now he’s planting things in my truck.
DUFF: How did you get those scratches on your neck?
GRANT: [visibly confused as he reaches up to touch the scratches] I, uh…I’ve no idea. [Duff and Jim exchange looks] [Back in Arizone, Maria and Michael find Laurie’s room.
MICHAEL: Hey. Just wanted to make sure you were okay. We’re gonna help you.
LAURIE: My aunt and uncle need me to be crazy.
MICHAEL: What are you talking about?
[Bobby and Meredith walk into the room with a guard] BOBBY: Mr. Guerin! You and your, uh, accomplice with the, uh, lips…are trespassing.
MEREDITH: That money we gave you was intended as a going-away present…as in, “take the money and GO AWAY.”
BOBBY: Got it?
MEREDITH: [To the guard] James, please escort them to their car, and this time be SURE they drive away.
[The guard leads Michael and Maria out of the room. As they leave Laurie curls up into a ball on the bed, looking frightened.] [OPENING CREDITS] [Tess, Isabel, Max and Liz are seated around the table at the Crashdown, discussing Larek’s revelations about the crystals.] MAX: His final words were to get off the planet.
ISABEL: Which isn’t currently an option.
LIZ: Which is why we called this meeting, to figure out what our options are.
TESS: And just so I’m clear, when Larek said that Earth was infected, wh-what exactly are we talking here? You know, a couple of acres? Couple of miles?
LIZ: Um, I think he was speaking a little more globally.
[Brody enters and walks up to them] MAX: Hey Brody, how you feeling?
LAREK: It’s Larek…and although I’ve had a little more time to prepare this body for communication, I’m still having trouble keeping its heart beating, so I’ll get right to it. The Gandarium are a genetically engineered life form, designed to bridge the DNA and RNA sequencing during third-stage amino synthesis.
[Everyone looks to Liz for an interpretation] LIZ: [to the others] No, uh, I’m lost too. [To Larek] Uh, it’s way over our heads. Do you mind explaining it to us in simpler terms?
LAREK: Alright. Uh, let’s say you want to create an alien-human hybrid. First, you get some alien cells, then you get some human cells. Normally they don’t mix very well. You need something to help bridge the differences. That’s where the Gandarium come in. In a controlled environment like on your ship, they’re harmless, but released into an eco-system, the Gandarium will perform the only role they know: infect human cells.
ISABEL: But they’re not infecting just any human cells…
TESS: They seem to be focusing on one particular girl.
LAREK: Not every human is a candidate for hybridization. The genetic structure has to have…well, you would call it a flaw. It’s very rare on Earth, fewer than one in 50 million people have it.
LIZ: That’s why they’re going after Laurie. She must have the defect.
MAX: What happens if they succeed in infecting Laurie?
LAREK: Once they’ve infected her, the Gandarium will mutate into a universal virus. She’ll infect anyone she comes into contact with, human or otherwise. They in turn, will infect everyone they come into contact with. Eventually, she and every infected person on the planet will die.
MAX: How do we destroy them?
LAREK: Once they’ve infected the host, it’s all over.
TESS: [as the truth dawns on her] They didn’t finish. The Gandarium didn’t finish infecting Laurie.
ISABEL: She was buried right out there with the crystals.
LIZ: Wait. No, I think that Tess is right. That’s why they’re still coming after her. To complete the process.
LAREK: If that’s true, then you may still have a chance. The Gandarium are hive-like, with workers, drones…even a Queen. The Queen is the only one that can infect the host. Find her, kill her, and the rest of the hive will die.
ISABEL: So the Queen will be in the hive?
LAREK: Not necessarily. [Stands up] I’ll have to return this body to its home or it won’t survive. Good luck…to you all.
[Larek leaves] MAX: The first thing we have to do is go back to Frazier Woods and find out how many more of these crystals are out there. Or rather, down there. And then we have to find a way to destroy them. Collect whatever digging equipment you can and meet outside in an hour. I’m going to call Kyle and Alex for more help.
[Back in Arizona, Michael and Maria are at the Hall of Records checking out a file.] MICHAEL: This is a STUPID idea.
MARIA: Think about it, Guerin. What do you think Laurie meant when she said that her aunt and uncle needed her to be crazy?
MICHAEL: Who knows?
MARIA: Well, I do. At least I have a hunch.
STAFF: [Successfully finds the deed from his cabinet and handing it to Maria] Deed of record for…11, Osborne Road?
MARIA: Thank you.
STAFF: Sign here please.
MARIA: [Signs the form] ‘Kay. Here you go.
STAFF: Thank you.
[Maria opens the file and scans it quickly. She begins to laugh as she finds what she’s looking for.] MARIA: Okay. Just start applauding right now. [Michael sarcastically claps] The Dupree estate is in Laurie’s name, left to her by her grandfather.
MICHAEL: So what does that give us?
MARIA: Hmmm…a little thing called leverage.
[Michael and Maria return to the Dupree estate and ring the bell] INTERCOM: Hello?
MARIA: Greetings. It’s the team of Guerin and DeLuca again.
INTERCOM: Wait right where you are. The police should be by to scoop you up in approximately ten minutes.
MARIA: Right, of course. Um, are Bobby and Meredith around? If they are, could you just have them come outside so that they could take a look at this?
[Maria hold the deed of record up to the camera.] INTERCOM: One moment.
MARIA: Charmed, I’m sure.
MICHAEL: If it was me, I’d tell us to get screwed and call the cops anyways.
MARIA: That’s ’cause you don’t have any money Michael. People who do tend to get a little nervous when it’s threatened.
[Gate opens for them] [Back in Roswell, Kyle and Alex are digging away in Frazier’s Woods] ALEX: So is this the sixth or seventh hole we’ve dug today?
KYLE: Hey, hey. I was kinda wondering what the hell you people were doing sophomore year.
ALEX: Ah, well, a lot of secret meetings, a lot of lying to authorities. Sometimes narrowly escaping gunfire…[Kyle looks worried] although generally that was pretty rare.
KYLE: So what do we lowly human folk get out of all this?
ALEX: I’m not sure.
KYLE: See, I guess what I have a problem with is that suddenly I’m a member of this club I never wanted to join.
ALEX: Yeah.
KYLE: And it turns out this club bears a striking resemblance to a chain gang.
[They continue digging. Alex suddenly hits something hard.] ALEX: What the… Look at this.
KYLE: What the hell man? It’s some sort of cave.
[Alex raises his arms in triumph] ALEX: JACKPOT, BABY!! Whooh!! Yeah!! Alex Whitman, ladies and gentlemen! Uh-huh! Yeah! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! [Comes back to earth as Kyle stares at him] Okay, well, time to put the shovel away, and uh, go find the others and tell Max.
[Kyle looks at the hole speculatively, and then turns to Alex] KYLE: You comin’?
ALEX: [Thinks for just a moment before caving in] Sure. You first.
KYLE: Okay.
[Scene switches to the interior of the cave with the entrance at the top left corner. Kyle drops his bag down before coming down himself. Alex follows after. The walls of the cave are covered in clusters of the Gandarium.] KYLE: [Seeing the interior of the cave] Oh my God! [Shining his torchlight around the blue-coloured cave as Alex enters and coughs slightly] What do you suppose alien crystals are going for on eBay?
ALEX: [Laughing nervously] Alright, Columbus. You claimed the land for the Queen of Spain. What do you say we go tell the others? [As the crystals suddenly cover over the opening that they entered by, cutting out all sunlight] Oh, oh no! Oh, oh…
KYLE: I don’t know why I’m looking around. [As Alex starts to pant a little out of breath] I suppose stuff like this happens all the time? Right?
ALEX: Yeah, sure.
[A short time later, Liz, Max, Tess and Isabel congregate at the place where Alex and Kyle were digging.] LIZ: Find anything?
TESS: Just a lot of rock.
MAX: There’s nothing in grid point 23-27.
LIZ: [Checking her clipboard] Okay, then uh, you should move on to…
MAX: [Looking around for Alex and Kyle] Where are those guys? [They spot the crystals in the ground that covered up the hole Alex dug up] The crystals.
[Liz’s cell phone rings as Max, Tess and Isabel put down their shovels and attempt to study the crystals a little closer.] [Scene jumps back and forth between Alex and Kyle in the cave and Liz, Max, Tess and Isabel above-ground as Liz and Kyle talk on the cell phone] LIZ: Hello?
KYLE: [Off-screen] Liz?!
LIZ: Yeah.
KYLE: [Off-screen] It’s me, Kyle!
LIZ: Yeah, Kyle. Where are you?
KYLE: In the freaking nest!!
LIZ: [Her mouth opening in shock, she looks down at the crystals] Oh my God! [Pointing at the hole] You guys, they’re IN there.
KYLE: [Off-screen] Do you see the crystals?
LIZ: [As the alien trio get down on their knees around the hole] Yeah, yeah, we see the crystals.
KYLE: They blocked us in here.
LIZ: [To the kneeling trio] Okay, um, you guys…you guys think that you can make an opening?
MAX: We can try.
ISABEL: Tell them to step as far away from the entrance as possible.
LIZ: Okay, uh, try to step as far away from the hole.
KYLE: [As he and Alex move further into the cave] Come on, come on. Get a move, get a move.
[Max, Isabel and Tess concentrate their powers to try to create an opening through the crystals, but they hold fast. Kyle and Liz are still on the line as they wait for any action.] MAX: [As the trio gives up] Our powers don’t work on these!
LIZ: [Clapping her hand over the cell phone mouthpiece] Are you sure?
TESS: You’re welcome to try!
KYLE: Okay, what now? What are you doing?
LIZ: Um, they’re just uh, you know…they’re uh, [She has no idea what to say] they’re taking a break!
KYLE: [Incredulously] Break?! You know there’s not that much air down here.
LIZ: Uh [Thinking through her options] Okay, um, we’re…we’re just gonna have to get back to you.
KYLE: [Off-screen] Get back to us?!
LIZ: Breath shallow.
KYLE: [Off-screen] Breath shallow?! [Liz hangs up] [To the alien trio] What now?!
MAX: Uh, Brody has some weird equipment in the back of the UFO Center. I think there…there’s even a diamond saw in the storage locker.
LIZ: Okay, yeah. That could work, that could work.
ISABEL: I’ll get it. [She runs off on her errand].
MAX: Maybe we should dig another hole.
TESS: Okay.
[Liz drops her checklist to help with the digging as Tess moves to a spot a little off the original entrance to start digging a new hole.] MAX: Parallel to where they’re digging. See if we can tunnel in from the side.
LIZ: Where? Where?
TESS: Here.
MAX: The side.
TESS: Let’s go, let’s go. [They start to dig furiously] [Back at the Dupree estate, Meredith and Maria are having drinks poolside.] MEREDITH: So…Shall I have Carmen prepare for your departure tomorrow?
MARIA: You know, I think we’re gonna stick around a little longer than that? So um, you can just tell Carmen not to knock herself out.
MEREDITH: [Pouring herself some wine] You do know that we have power of attorney over Laurie? I love that girl like a daughter.
MEREDITH: But, the girl is certifiable. And the doctors agree. So we could have you and the beatnik kicked out of here anytime we like.
MARIA: Then why haven’t you?
MARIA: [Pulling a big, leather bound checkbook from her bag] Maybe it’s…uh, I don’t know, because of the…[Flipping the book to a particular page] 1 million dollars you donated to the Pinecrest Psychiatric Institute to get them to say that Laurie was crazy? [She smiles knowingly] MEREDITH: [Smiles nervously knowing she’s caught] Where did you get that?
MARIA: Oh, Laurie told me that I could go anywhere in the house that I pleased. So I looked at your desk.
[In Laurie’s room, Michael is relaying the morning’s events] MICHAEL: So I realized I had to find some kind of leverage. I went to the courthouse had them look up files on this place and…bang, there it was. The deed with your name on it. So I threatened to call the police on Bobby and Meredith and have them arrested for trespassing and…Well…WE threatened to call the police cos Maria kinda helped.
LAURIE: That’s really smart.
MICHAEL: You know, well people with money. They tend to get nervous when it’s threatened you know? [He scratches his eyebrow nervously] LAURIE: [Smiling suddenly] You look just like him when you did that.
LAURIE: Grandpa. He used to scratch his eyebrow just like you did. He even wore a ring on the same finger you do.
MICHAEL: What was he like?
LAURIE: A lot like you. Hard to read, lived in his own head. But kind. He’s the only one in the family I ever felt safe with. [Pause] Would you like to meet him?
[Laurie takes Michael down to the bomb shelter underneath the house. She switches on the lights and enters first. There are beds on both sides of the walls and wooden boxes filled with Grandpa’s stuff. Michael flips through some books lying on top of one of the boxes.] LAURIE: [Picking up a sweater and smelling it] You can still smell him. [Holds the sweater close to Michael to sniff] Indian River Pipe Tobacco.
MICHAEL: [Flipping to a page with drawings of alien-like figures, big bald heads with black eyes and pointed ears.] He had an interest in aliens.
LAURIE: Grandpa said they took him. [Michael looks enquiringly at her] He wouldn’t talk about it. He’d just come down here to the bomb shelter and read for hours. [Her voice turns nostalgic] It was his sanctuary. [Coming back to reality] The older he got, the more he wanted to know what really happened to him. So he started talking. Aunt Meredith and Uncle Bobby used it to put him away. [She fingers a page filled with words written in a spiral pattern] MICHAEL: It drove him crazy.
LAURIE: That’s what I got from Grandpa…that and some bad blood.
MICHAEL: [Questioningly] Bad blood?
LAURIE: Uh, a bad chromosome actually. It’s what they call a recessive genetic defect.
MICHAEL: [To himself] That’s why they want you.
LAURIE: [As she keeps the sweater back in the box] What?
MICHAEL: [To Laurie] Nothing.
LAURIE: [Pulling out a worn wedding dress from the same box] This is Grandma’s. I never met her.
MICHAEL: What was her name?
LAURIE: Ada-Jane. She’s dead too.
MICHAEL: [Sighing, he scratches his eyebrow, then stops self-consciously when he notices Laurie staring.] LAURIE: Can’t fight who we are Michael. You’re Grandpa’s legacy, and [her voice dropping] I’m crazy.
MICHAEL: [Pulling Laurie by the shoulders to face him] You are NOT crazy. What happened to you was REAL. I mean, you have a right to live your life. Bobby and Meredith have tried to take that away from you, but it’s yours. Just like this house is yours. Now look, I’m not what you would call an optimist. Life sucks. People suck. That’s reality. But you’re special. You’re a good person and you deserve better than to be locked up in an institution because it’s more convenient for your aunt and uncle. This is YOUR life, and this is YOUR house.
[Michael’s words seem to sink into Laurie.] [Scene: UFO Center – exterior and nighttime. Cuts to the interior where Isabel has entered Brody’s secret room.] ISABEL: [Locating the equipment needed] Oh!
[She starts to dismantle the equipment when a masked stranger comes from behind to cover her mouth with a chloroform-filled napkin. Isabel struggles, but soon passes out. The stranger then pulls off his mask — it’s Grant Sorenson.] [Scene: Highway – nighttime. A vehicle is driving along the road. Camera cuts to the interior of the car to show Grant driving, and Isabel lying unconscious in the passenger seat. He reaches over to touch Isabel, but suddenly pulls back as he seems to struggle with himself.] GRANT: Things I know. Two times two is four. Gato is Spanish for cat. My middle name is Ellis. [As Isabel stirs] A mineral with a high Mohs number will scratch a mineral with a low number. The scale is not linear.
[Isabel is now fully awake and looks at Grant as he looks back at her.] ISABEL: [Softly] Grant…
GRANT: [His speech becoming slurred] I’m not doing so good Isabel. That Agent…from the FBI…
ISABEL: Agent Duff?
GRANT: Y…I know her name! Okay?! I know things!! She said I went to Wyoming. She asked if I stole a gun there. I DON’t REMEMBER! When I try to remember, it just gets worse. [His voice beginning to break with panic] You’re the only one I trust Isabel. You have to help me.
ISABEL: [Looking towards the back] Okay. [In a stronger voice] Okay, I will. Just pull the car over and we’ll get you some fresh air.
GRANT: Did I get shot? Huh?
ISABE: That WAS you.
GRANT: When’d I get these scratches on my neck? I don’t know. Here’s another one: Why am I driving to Tucson? I DON’t KNOW! [In a piteous voice] Help me Isabel…PLEASE. [Drifting off again] Things I know. My birthday is December seventh. Sedimentary rocks cover 75 percent of the earth’s land surface… 75 percent of the earth’s land surface…
[Commercial break. Scene returns to the car, with Grant a little calmer now] ISABEL: When did this all start happening?
GRANT: Hard to say. Uh, I uh, have gaps in time. I think it was…when I started digging out near Pohlman Ranch…some time last summer. Found these weird crystals…
ISABEL: Oh my God. Oh God, Larek said there was a Queen.
GRANT: What?
ISABEL: Oh God…Look, Grant. You’re going to be alright. Your body has been…has been taken over by something.
GRANT: What kind of…thing?
ISABEL: It’s hard to explain, but it must have happened when you were digging. God, it was the Gandarium. They must have been in the water tab…
GRANT: [Losing his cool and shouting] I don’t know what that means, okay?! I’m losing it here!
ISABEL: Grant…
GRANT: Why is this happening to me? I’m a good person…
ISABEL: I know.
GRANT: [Looking at Isabel] Do you?
GRANT: [Starts to shiver and shake uncontrollably] I have to kill you, but I don’t wanna. There’s a cell phone in my coat pocket. Grab the phone Isabel. NOW.
ISABEL: Okay, okay. [She looks around the car nervously as Grant pulls over to the side of the road and tries to plead with him] Grant…
GRANT: Get out of the car.
ISABEL: [Unbuckling her seat belt and nearly tearing up] I can’t help you if you don’t…
GRANT: Please…get out of the car.
ISABEL: [As she gets out] I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Sorry! [Grant drives off] [Scene: Valenti household. The kitchen phone rings and Jim hurries to pick it up. Intercut with scenes of Isabel still out in the pouring rain, along the highway where Grant dropped her off.] JIM: Hello.
ISABEL: Oh, Sheriff Valenti, thank God. Thank God. Grant is definitely the kidnapper, but it’s not his fault. The Queen…and it possessed him somehow.
JIM: Possessed by the what?!
ISABEL: The crystals. The…the aliens. The important thing is he’s after Laurie and he’ll be in Tucson in a few hours. [As Jim scribbles down the details] You have to stop him.
JIM: Alright. Wait a minute, where are you?
ISABEL: He left me by the side off the road somewhere. But don’t worry. I’ll…I’ll find a ride.
JIM: What do you mean -you’ll get a ride? You can’t get into a car with just anybody…
ISABEL: Sheriff, I am the last person on Earth who has to worry about getting into a car with strangers. Trust me. Just get to Laurie before he does. PLEASE.
JIM: Isabel…
ISABEL: Sheriff…Sheriff…
JIM: Isabel…Hello? Hel…
[Heavy static break up their connections.] [Scene: Nighttime Frazier Woods. It’s raining cats and dogs with thunder and lightning. Max, Liz and Tess are furiously digging to free the two trapped in the cave. Scene switches to the interior where Alex and Kyle are singing to entertain themselves. Kyle is also playing with a piece of the crystal and a glass bottle. [Colin Hanks & Nick Wechsler – American Pie]] ALEX/KYLE: [Singing] February made me shiver/With ever paper I’d deliver [Kyle places the crystal into the bottle] …Bad news on the doorstep/I couldn’t take one more step [Kyle lights a match and watches it burn] …I can’t remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride/But something touched me deep inside the day the music died…
KYLE: [Places the still glowing match into the bottle and screws on the cap] Die sucker.
ALEX/KYLE: So bye, bye Miss American Pie [Kyle places the bottle to one side and forgets about it] …drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry/Them good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye/Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die [As the enclosed crystal suddenly goes into a frenzy] …This will be the day that I d…
KYLE: [Getting up from his seat with the commotion] Man, look at that!
ALEX: Woah! Oh my God!
KYLE: What?
[They stare at the piece of crystal that has seemed to die.] ALEX: Look at that…
[Scene switches to Liz listening to Kyle over the cell phone.] LIZ: [Over the rolling thunder] Wai…Okay, wait, wait, let me get this straight. You said uh, that you used a bottle?
KYLE: Yeah.
LIZ: Was the cap ON or OFF?
KYLE: Well, I put it on, then it tried to escape.
LIZ: ‘Kay, but you were heating it the whole time. And the crystals died once you put the cap on.
KYLE: Yeah, just after, yeah.
LIZ: ‘Kay, well. That’s it. You burned all of the oxygen in the bottle and suffocated it.
[Kyle raises a fist to Alex as a sign of hope.] TESS: Then…then all we need to do is get the oxygen out of there.
MAX: And then THEY die too.
[Liz and Tess stare at Max, realizing the futility of their situation.] [Scene: Dupree Estate – nighttime. Laurie’s swimming in the pool, while Maria and Michael are sitting by the poolside on lawn chairs in white, fluffy bathrobes watching her ] MARIA: I can’t believe she’s actually smiling. What did you say to her?
MICHAEL: I just listened to her. [Maria smiles at him] What do you think I should call her? Grand-daughter? DNA clone?
MARIA: I’d go with sister. The whole grand-daughter thing really creeps me out.
MICHAEL: [As he stares at Laurie swimming happily in the pool] I have a sister. That is so weird.
MARIA: Oh! By the way, Meredith and Bobby are EVIL. They’re EE-VIL!! They PAID Pinecrest to keep Laurie out of their hair. Can you believe they would ruin her life so that they could live here like rich bastards? [Dark Ilk’s comments: And therein lies the irony…LOL!] MICHAEL: Shallow, shallow people. [As Carmen comes from behind with the phone on a silver platter for Michael] MARIA: Mm-hmm.
MICHAEL: Carmen. [Turns then just in time to see her] I think it’s kind of a Braveheart night, and tell the kitchen we’ll be ready to dine at about 7.
CARMEN: Yes sir. This one is for you sir. [Placing the phone before him] MICHAEL: [Reaching for the phone] Thank you. [Into the phone] Hello?
[Intercut with scenes of the gang at Frazier Woods] MAX: [Off-screen] Michael, it’s Max. [As Tess and Liz continue digging] The crystals can’t live without oxygen.
MICHAEL: [Off-screen] Okay.
MAX: That’s how we can stop it.
MICHAEL: Well, I got a newsflash for you Maxwell. There are no crystals around here.
MAX: So Laurie’s safe?
MICHAEL: She’s under my constant watch. I’m not even sleeping. [Off-screen] How are things with you?
MAX: Tired. It’s been a long couple of days.
MICHAEL: Yeah, tell me about it. [Carmen approaches with the DVD player] MAX: [Off-screen] It’s been raining pretty hard here.
MICHAEL: [To Carmen as he takes the player] Thank you.
MAX: [Off-screen] Morale’s a little low.
MICHAEL: Ah…Max, I gotta take another patrol round the perimeter…
MAX: [Off-screen] Talk later.
MICHAEL: Okay. [Hangs up, then turns around] Oh, Carmen. Can I get some iced tea please? [Indicating to Maria] For the both of us?
[Michael and Maria settle sown to watch the DVD] [Scene: Sheriff’s Office – interior. Agent Duff’s doing some paperwork when Jim enters.] JIM: We need a plane.
DUFF: [A shocked expression on her face] Pardon me?
JIM: Sorenson is halfway to Tucson. We gotta get there before he does.
DUFF: How do you know this?
JIM: Listen, we work together or we don’t. You gotta trust me. We HAVE to get to Tucson now.
DUFF: I’ll call the Arizona Field Office and tell them we need back up.
[She reaches for the phone, but Jim stops her.] JIM: No. Agent Duff, there’s something you that need to know. [She hangs up the phone] Before this is over, you may see some things you won’t be able to explain. As a matter of fact, you won’t WANT to. [Bending down to see her eye to eye] You told me once, you appreciated honesty. Well, here it is. If you tell the Bureau what we’re about to do, you KILL your career.
DUFF: [Sitting back in her chair] What are you talking about?
JIM: You gotta trust me. You’ll follow my lead and be VERY selective with what you put in your final report. [Standing up and handing her the phone] Now get us a plane.
[Scene: Dupree Residence – Dining Room. Half the room has windows with a single crystal chandelier hanging over the dining table. Michael’s seated to the left end of the table, Maria to the right, and Laurie in the center facing the screen. They having a feast of a dinner
MARIA: This fish is delightful. Michael, isn’t this food delightful?
MICHAEL: [Talking with his mouth full] It’s delightful.
LAURIE: Yeah, this is the first time I’ve felt at home at this dinner table since my grandfather died.
MICHAEL: Chicken’s tasty but it’s kinda puny.
MEREDITH: [Entering with Robert in formal wear] It’s not chicken. It’s squab stuffed with foie gras and black truffles with a pinot noir glaze.
BOBBY: Oh my God, they’re using the good crystal.
MEREDITH: We have a charity event at the Governor’s Residence and it’s the staff’s night off. But I’ve asked them to prepare a full seven-course extravaganza in hopes it will keep you two from snooping around in anymore of our personal effects.
MARIA: Aw, thank you, Mer.
BOBBY: And please keep in mind that you’re having your soda pop out of nineteenth century Bavarian Crystal.
MICHAEL: I’ll keep that in mind Bobby. [Meredith and Bobby head for the door as Michael release a loud burp] MEREDITH: [Under her breath as they exit] Please, God. Let at least one of them choke on a pigeon bone.
MARIA: I think she’s right. I’m gonna need another root beer. [She rings a little bell near her plate] Carmen! Um, I think the um, the pint noir glaze is getting me a little dry. Could you haul over another root beer please? [Smiles cheerfully at Michael wolfing down his food] Haul it over. [When she gets no response, she rings the bell again…agitatedly] CARMEN! [Starts on her food again] Michael…Could you be a dear and see about the beverage situation?
MICHAEL: I’m eating.
MARIA: [Sends him a dark look] Michael…
[Scene: Michael exits the dining area and heads for the kitchen. When he enters, the place is darkened and he makes out Carmen’s form sitting on a chair facing away from him.
MICHAEL: [Just exiting the dining room] Carmen…[Entering the kitchen and moving to face her] Carmen…
[Michael’s face registers shock and horror as he finds Carmen dead with her throat slashed.] [Scene switches back to the Dupree dining room. Michael returns to the room nervously and gathers the girls.] MARIA: [Seeing Michael’s return] Hey, I thought you were gonna go get the um…
MICHAEL: [Pulling Maria by her arm off her chair] Get up.
MARIA: [Sensing his panic] What’s going on?
MICHAEL: [Moving towards Laurie] Take her some place safe right now.
LAURIE: [Bolting off her chair] Oh my God. They’re here…
MICHAEL: [Catching hold of Laurie by the arms] Woah, Laurie, Laurie. It’s alright, I’m gonna take care of it. [To Maria] Take her now.
MARIA: Okay, what are you gonna do?
MICHAEL: Just go!
MARIA: Michael!
[Maria rushes out of the room with Laurie.] [Scene: Michael moves out into the hallway via another entrance. He starts moving down the hallway – towards the camera – looking for the intruder. Hearing a sound coming from behind him, he turns. Camera reverses angle to reveal an empty hallway as Michael moves towards the sound. Looking up the nearby stairs, Michael is suddenly shot from behind. As he crumples to the ground, we see that the intruder is Grant. Tucking the gun into his belt, he seeks out the girls.] [Scene: Deserted highway. Isabel has managed to flag down a ride.] ISABEL: [To unseen driver] Hi, can I just get a ride to Tucson?
[Scene: Dupree residence – bomb shelter. Maria and Laurie are running down the stairs to get to the shelter before Grant can chase up with them. They try to close the badly rusted door to slow down Grant.] MARIA: [Pushing on the door] Help me Laurie! [As the girls struggle with the door] It’s stuck!
[Scene: Dupree residence – kitchen. Jim and Agent Duff have just entered and discovered Carmen’s body. They draw their guns and make their further progress with caution. They discover the bloodied Michael lying in the hallway with a shoulder bullet wound.] JIM: [Crouching beside the injured guy] Michael…
MICHAEL: [With difficulty] They’re back there… Back there! GO!
[Jim and Agent Duff leave him in the hallway while they look for Grant and the girls.] [Scene: Bomb Shelter. Maria and Laurie are still struggling with the door just as Grant makes his way down the stairs. Holding up the gun, Grant enters as the girls back further into the room.] MARIA: Grant! Grant! Hey it’s me, Maria DeLuca. I’m Isabel’s friend. Really, really good friend. [As Grants lunges for Laurie] No wait…
[Laurie screams as Grant catches her by her hair and holds her hostage to the just arriving Jim and Agent Duff.] JIM: [Holding his aim on Grant] Sorenson! You don’t wanna do this…
DUFF: Put the gun down and step away from the girl.
LAURIE: [Weeping] Don’t let him put me back in the ground…
DUFF: No one’s going anywhere. Put the gun down NOW.
GRANT: [Releasing a cry of pain] I wanna but I can’t! You have to stop me!
JIM: [Approaching Grant very, VERY slowly] Listen to me…We’re gonna help you, I promise. Just put the gun down.
[Grant drops Laurie as a sudden pain shoots through his head. Laurie quickly crawls to Jim and co.] JIM: Good, good. Now just drop the gun. Everything will be alright.
GRANT: [Shaking his head to try to clear his head] No! NO! You have to kill me.
JIM: Grant, I’m gonna help you. [Gradually lowering his own gun] I promise, you can trust me. Look, I’m gonna walk over there. [As he takes a step towards Grant] See?
GRANT: Ah, ah! IT’s GOT TO STOP! [He raises his gun to open fire and Agent Duff shoots him first] [Grant collapses on one of the bed, facing up. As Laurie tries to recover from shock, Agent Duff approaches Grant’s body warily with her gun still raised.] JIM: [To the girls] You alright?
[Just as Agent Duff reaches out a hand to check for a pulse, Grant’s chest cavity opens up to reveal a cluster of Gandarium crystals. This causes everyone to scramble in fright. A shape starts to emerge from the cluster as the group watch on, frozen in fear. Michael, just coming down the stairs, shouts for everyone to get out of the room.] MICHAEL: Everybody out! NOW! NOW!
JIM: [When Agent Duff remains frozen to the spot] Come on! [They close the door, locking the jellyfish-shaped object that has formed] MARIA: Okay, whatever you’re gonna do, do it quick! That thing looks pissed!
[Michael raises his uninjured arm to the ventilation shaft by the door and uses his powers to draw all the air out of the bomb shelter. The Gandarium object starts pinballing around the room.] JIM: [To Michael] What did you do?
MICHAEL: Max said they need oxygen to live. So I just sucked all the air out.
[As the humans and alien watch on, the Gandarium Jellyfish [Dark Ilk’s comments: *snigger* Can this get any more lame??] charges at the door like a crazed bull, only to smash into a pulpy mess on the window of the door.] MICHAEL: Simple.
LAURIE: So it’s…it’s over?
JIM: Guess that depends on what happens to the rest of the crystals.
[Scene: Inside the Gandarium cave. Alex and Kyle are lying on the ground, head to head, shining their flashlights around their enclosed space.] ALEX: So this is how it ends…
KYLE: Somehow this is NOT how I pictured it.
ALEX: It was hell of a ride though.
KYLE: I guess.
ALEX: I mean, think about it. We not only MET aliens, but they killed us. [As Kyle turns his flashlight on Alex] How many people can say that?
KYLE: You’re getting delirious, is that it?
ALEX: Nah, take…take a step away from your life, Kyle. You know, I mean, you’re part of this…this amazing thing. This…amazing knowledge that you HAVE that 6 BILLION people on this planet don’t. You really want to step out of this cave if it meant that you were gonna be another dumb jock?
KYLE: [After some silence] You know what, I wouldn’t.
[The crystals start to melt. Alex is the first to notice, then Kyle releases a sharp shout of horror as some of the liquid drips on him] KYLE: Ah, ah!! [Jumping to an upright sitting position] They’re attacking! Oh no!!
ALEX: No, no no no no no. No no no no no. They…they’re…they’re…they’re dying. [Beginning to break into joyous laughter] They’re…they’re dying.
KYLE: [Uncertainly] Dying?
ALEX: They’re dying!
KYLE: I mean…[Raising his hands in triumph] DYING!
ALEX: Dying!
[Scene: Frazier Woods – nighttime outside of the Gandarium cave where Liz, Max and Tess are still digging to create another opening for Alex and Kyle. The two guys suddenly pop out of the opening formerly covered by the crystals, covered in mud. The girls start shrieking as they help the guys out.] KYLE: I’m back!
ALEX: [Reaching up to Max and Liz] Pull me up! [As Max and he stare at one another in joy] I love you man!
LIZ: Wait, wait, wait. What happened? What happened? What happened?
KYLE: I’ll tell you what must have happened.
LIZ: Okay-
KYLE: Since Alex and I figured out how to kill the queen, and Max told Michael, Michael must have killed the queen. So all the crystals died. And they fell on us cos they’re dead. Which means we must have saved the world!
ALEX: Yeah! [The group release whoops of joy and hi-five one another] I think our job here is done… and I need to take a shower.
LIZ: Let’s go home!! Come on! Come on! Grab the shovel! Let’s go! Let’s go! [They run off towards the cars] [Scene: Bomb shelter. Grant’s body is still lying on the bed where he collapsed after getting shot. Isabel opens the door and enters. She grabs a blanket lying on the bed nearby and covers Grant’s body with it. She crouches down by the wall near him.] ISABEL: [Heaving a deep, sad sigh] Oh God, I’m sorry. [After a long pause] I’m just gonna sit for a while, okay? Just sit here so you’re not…alone.
[Scene: Dupree kitchen. Jim and Agent Duff are sitting by the counter, having drinks and discussing all that has transpired.] DUFF: So looks like I have two options. Tell the truth about everything I’ve seen, or write a false report and commit a felony.
JIM: Not very attractive options.
DUFF: [Sighing] I know.
JIM: I always took a very legal approach to my job. If I couldn’t put it in a report, or swear to it in a court of law, in MY mind [Looking meaningfully at Agent Duff] it never happened.
DUFF: Just walk away?
JIM: [Nodding slightly] That would be my advice. Sometimes it’s better just to walk away with your victories.
[Scene: Dupree Dining Room. Maria is tenderly tending to Michael’s shoulder wound.] MARIA: Brave…[Kiss on the forehead] Handsome…[Kiss on the nose] hero…[Kiss on the lips]. [Dark Ilk’s comments: J to all the Candygals out there! J] MICHAEL: [Wincing slightly at the pain] Wounded hero. I gotta get back to Roswell…let Maxwell work on that shoulder.
MARIA: Alright, whenever you’re ready, Spaceboy.
MICHAEL: Maria, let me ask you something.
MICHAEL: [Obviously having a lot on his mind] What would you think if Laurie moved in with me? [Maria’s face registers shock, but she holds her tongue as he continues] I mean, like we said, she’s kind of my sister.
MARIA: She is.
MICHAEL: Yeah…but after all she’s been through, she probably needs some peace and quiet.
MARIA: Probably.
MICHAEL: And a chance to get away from all the alien stuff and…if she lived with me…well…I’m kinda a magnet for the intergalactic trouble.
MICHAEL: What’s gonna happen to her? We can’t leave her here with these freaks.
MARIA: Well, that’s something we can handle. All we need is a lawyer. [She kisses him] [In the Dupree living room. Robert, Laurie and Meredith are seated facing a lawyer while Michael and Maria are standing by the fireplace watching the proceedings. The lawyer hands out documents for Robert and Meredith to sign.] [Scene swithces to the exterior of the Dupree Estate where Michael and Maria are leaving hand in hand, with Laurie watching them go.] [Scene switches to Michael’s apartment. Camera shows a picture of Laurie and a hand reaching out for the photo. Camera pans away to reveal Michael turning the photo frame to get a better look. Episode ends with Maria and Michael sharing a hug while looking at Laurie’s photo ]