#218 It’s Too Late and It’s Too Bad – Music

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Maria showing Mr. Whitman what they have planned for the yearbook. Liz is looking at Alex’s laptop.

TV: Buckethead – Whitewash
Album: Colma (1998)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: ?
Album: ?
Music: ?

Liz asks questions

Liz questions Derek about the 11100100100111011001 sequence Alex signed as Max arrives with Tess; Max tries to smooth things over with Liz.

TV: Paddy Casey – Whatever Gets You True
Album: Amen (So Be It) (2000)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: Audio Adrenaline – Dirty
Album: Double Take: Worldwiede/Until My Heart Caves In (2008)
Music: Spotify

A ‘No’ To San Francisco

On Max’s orders, Michael tries to convince Isabel not to go to San Francisco for college.

TV: Pancho’s Lament – Perfect Place
Album: Pancho’s Lament (2000)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: Wake – Mind Is Yours
Single: Radiate Sessions (2003)
Music: Spotify | Apple

Yearbook Meeting

Maria talking about the collage during the yearbook meeting.

TV: Jim White – Handcuffed To A Fence In Mississippi
Album: No Such Place (2001)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: Evan Olson – I Can’t Forget
Album: Red (2003)
Music: Spotify | Apple

Michael Helps

Michael talks to Amy and uses his powers to fix the garbage disposal.

TV: Shawn Colvin – Bonefields
Album: Whole New You (2001)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: Vaughan Penn – I Can’t Help Myself
Album: Transcendence (2003)
Music: Spotify | Apple

Alien Sex

Alternating shots of Max and Tess having sex and Liz at the airport.

TV: Fisher – I Will Love You
Album: Any Way (2005)
Music: Apple

DVD/Streaming: Sherri Youngward – Where This Love Goes
Album: Six Inches Of Sky (2002)
Music: Spotify | Apple