#221 The Departure – Music

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Max And Michael Enter The Crashdown

Liz, Maria, Kyle and Sean chat. Kyle and Sean leave when they see Max and Michael coming. Max asks Liz to talk upstairs, Michael tells Maria he has to see her tonight.

TV: Doves – Here It Comes
Album: Lost Souls (2000)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: Sex and Reverb – Here She Comes Now
Album: Sex And Reverb (2003)
Music: Spotify | Apple

Alex’s Grave

Isabel visits Alex’s grave.

TV: Remy Zero – Perfect Memory (I’ll Remember You)
Album: The Golden Hum (2001)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: Patrick Conway – Brave Goodbye
Album: The Rocking Stone (2002)
Music: Spotify | Apple


Max says his goodbyes to Liz in the jeep outside The Crashdown.

TV/DVD/Streaming: David Gray – My Oh My
Album: White Ladder (1998)
Music: Spotify | Apple

Huge step in alien relations

Right after Michael and Maria’s “huge step in alien relations.”

TV: Doves – Blackbird
Album: Roswell Soundtrack (2002)
Music: Spotify | Apple
Web: www.dovesofficial.com | www.dovesmusicblog.com | Twitter |
Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

DVD/Streaming: Cactus Groove – Shoulder
Album: ?
Music: ?

Goodbye Bob

The group push the jeep into the valley. Isabel gives Valenti a video tape for her parents and hugs him. Valenti hugs Tess. Max asks Valenti to look after Liz, Maria and Kyle. They leave for the Granilith.

TV: Coldplay – Trouble
Album: Parachutes (2000)
Music: Spotify | Apple

DVD/Streaming: The Sonnets – City, Spark, Fire
Single: City, Spark, Fire (2003)
Music: Spotify | Apple

Tess Leaves

The group watches as the ship leaves with Tess on it; Max tells Liz he loves her; Maria asks Michael why he stayed; Isabel asks Max what happens now.

TV/DVD/Streaming: U2 – Walk On
Album: All That You Can’t Leave Behind (2000)
Music: Spotify | Apple