Submission Guidelines

Have Fan Fiction to submit? Submit your stories to:

Make sure to include the title, a disclaimer, a short summary, and a rating and to follow the submission guidelines.

1.) Please include the following headers with your story. This is very important info and if it is not complete then you will be emailed back to get this information so we can post your story. Thanks!

Author: (Your first name or nickname)
E-Mail: (Will not be published. A Feedback form will be added.)
Summary: (optional but highly recommended)
Category: (This is a must! Here are the choices: Max/Liz, Michael/Maria, Isabel/Alex, Unconventional couples, Other. Your story may fit in more than one category. Just let us know that please.)
Author’s Notes: (Basically anything else you want to add. This is optional.)

2.) Due to several attachments being received that contained viruses, we would prefer that you just send the story as normal text in an e-mail message. Please do not pre-HTML it, and also make sure to include spaces between paragraphs. That will make it much quicker for us to get your story on line.

3.) Stories with numerous spelling and/or grammatical mistakes will be returned to the author. Please DO NOT send us stories that are all one big paragraph. Please do not send stories in all lowercase letters. These things are very time consuming for us to fix and we will not be able to do this.

4.) Please don’t be discouraged if yours does not appear right away. We assure you that we are working as quickly as possible to post each and every story we receive, or to let the author what needs to be done with these stories in order for them to be posted. Please be patient with us and we promise you a great source for Roswell fan fiction of all kinds! Thank you and please keep sending in your stories!!