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Crashdown provides the latest news about the new projects of the former Roswell cast, crew and writers as well as everything else related to the show.

In the future, we would love to release more Roswell related posts and articles on Crashdown.

If you like to join us as a guest writer you are more than welcome.

You can write about whatever you’d like.

Speculate over where the Pod Squad would be now. Write about how you become a Roswellian. Was there a particular episode that caught your attention and drew you into the Alien Abyss? Do you relate to a certain character the most? How did Roswell impact your life? Did you meet your husband on a Roswell forum? Anything “Roswell” related is welcome!

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Full credit is always given.

Crashdown is completely unofficial and fan-run. We don’t make any money with this fansite and we can’t pay you. If you are interested in writing for the website, we offer you full credit for your entries.

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– a short bio at the end of each article (with a picture or your personal avatar)


– … create original content.
– … credit all your sources.
– … mention the site, comment, post or tweet, if someone else gave you an idea.

The personal lives of the cast are off-limits, except engagement, baby news or public posts on social media.
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