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People Online: Fall Faces
Jason Behr: Alien Angst

September 3, 1999

Why We’re Watching: What teen hasn’t felt like an alien?

Teen angst-o-rama is the WB’s specialty, and this season’s entry doesn’t disappoint. In Roswell, the latest twist on the dark side that is high school, Jason Behr plays Max Evans, a descendent of the original Roswell, N.M. “visitors” of yore. Yup, he’s an alien.

Behr is no stranger to the network’s demo: last year he had a six-episode stint as rich boy jerk Chris Wolfe on Dawson’s Creek. He’s guested on 7th Heaven and Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (as our heroine’s bad news ex-boyfriend from L.A.). Behr is also a veteran of the ill-fated 1998 jock soap Push, in which he played jealous track star Dempsey Easton.

Will The X-Files-Goes-to- High-School make it on an already teen- glutted net? Well, a post- Dawson’s time slot should help. As will the central romance in the series, an alien/human pairing that gives new meaning to the words “star-crossed.” Throw in a suspicious sheriff and the living hell high school is for outsiders, and Roswell’s ratings could well be out of this world.