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Father Figure – The truth may be out there

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From: Tv Guide Ultimate Cable, March 20th edition

Father Figure
The Truth May Be On Fox For One OF Roswell’s Alien Teens

Could the search for their true parents be over for at least one of Roswell’s extraterrestrial high schoolers? Anything’s possible. For Michael Guerrin, the brooding bad-boy of the alien teen trio (which includes siblings Isabel and Max Evans), the hunt could easily end – not in space but with The X-Files’s Fox Mulder.

Both X-Files and Roswell fans have noticed the physical similarities between actors Brendan Fehr and David Duchovny, and these conspiracy theorists would like to believe that FBI agent is Michael’s biological dad – the result of a human-alien experiment conducted without Mulder’s knowledge.

In an attempt to separate what could be the ultimate plot twist from the ultimate rumor, TV Guide put the father question to Jason Katims, the creator and executive producer of WB’s Roswell. “I can’t confirm or deny this rumor,” the usually open Katims replies, adding, “Maybe something is happening that I’m not aware of.”
– L.P. Ferrante


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