Second Roswell Board going Strong

As most of you probably know by now, the Roswell board kind of took off in the last few weeks. Forums with the software that we use, do not work well with more than 15,000 posts. And the Roswell board has been averaging about 1500 per day.

That is mostly what has been causing the glitches lately. Like when a post doesn’t show up right away, so we repost it, then end up with multiples. (I’ve done that a few times myself!)

So the only solutions were to split the board, or to start keeping posts from only the last week or so.

We split the board into:

Roswell (for general Roswell discussion, the board you have always come to)


Roswell 2 (for party and renewal ideas and information) So far it seems to have helped quite a bit.

Black Widow (who does the save Roswell site) and Kdberg (who is in charge of the ad campaign) are the new moderators. Boop who is helping Mandy with the summer party may be added when she gets back from vacation (if she wants the job).

So if you haven’t found it yet, go to the main fanforum page and choose Roswell 2, or follow one of the links above.


not an active member anymore.