Wanda’s Roswell info from March 27th (spoilers)

You can read Wanda’s transcripts at EOnline

From klieni23: Do you know for a fact that Tess on Roswell is an alien? Please tell!
For a fact, no. But survey says, yes. She’s not just an alien, she’s closely related to the gang. At first, she’s a soul mate; then later we find out she’s actually a sibling. The good news is she has answers. She knows Nasedo intimately.

From queenc3228: Is Roswell going to get canceled?
It won’t be decided until May. But you guys have done well trying to save it. The WB has received more than 100 bottles of Tabasco and 1,500 emails.

From chug20: Is it true Topolsky dies?
Yes. She comes back believing that Max and Liz have been trying to tell her about the FBI and alien hunters. But by the time she gets to Valenti, it’s too late, and she’s killed in a fire, I think.

From hula_girl: I heard Isabel and Michael get pregnant on Roswell. What’s up with that?
We will learn that Isabel and Michael have a connection from years ago. They start getting signs when they have mutual dreams that make the Michael and Maria scenes seem bland and boring.


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