Freaks a Goner, Roswell Next?

Thanks to Doreen and to RoSweLLMeStiSa for sending this in from TV Guide.

This is the portion of this article that refers to our campagins, and to Roswell:

By Matt Roush

The collection of miniature Tabasco sauce bottles on my desk has nothing to do with my taste buds and everything to do with the appetite of the devoted fans of WB’s Roswell. (For the record, the hot sauce is the condiment of choice among teen aliens) Worried that the WB won’t renew this crafty sci-fi romance, fans have sent Tabasco to media outlets and WB programmers. It made me wish a similar effort had been undertaken for NBC”s splendid and now canceled Freaks and Geeks – but given the recreational substances those 80’s kids indulged in, maybe it’s better nothing was sent in the mail.

Roswell is primarily a guilty pleasure, with much of the pleasure derived from watching moonstruck lovers Liz (Shiri Appleby) and sensitive alien-in-hiding Max (Jason Behr) lost in cosmic canoodling.
When he kisses her, she truly does go into orbit. her hickeys even glow. For comic contrast there’s the rockier courtship between Liz’s flighty friend Maria (Majandra Delfino) and Max’s brooding alien buddy Michael (Brendan Fehr).

As WB moves the show to Mondays ((P.M. ET starting April 10) the producers have heightened the melodrama plunging these dreamy kids into a paranoid nightmare with glimpses of a murderous shape shifter, who may be the alien teens’ precursor, and warnings of a ruthless FBI alien hunter.

The twists keep building while never losing focus of the stars’ swoony chemistry. Though not as clever as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the sexy and suspenseful Roswell deserves to survive.


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