Future Is Rosier For ‘Roswell’

Thanks to Chaz for sending this in!

From New York Daily News:

Future Is Rosier For ‘Roswell’

Fans of the WB’s “Roswell” can take some solace in the ratings for the series
since its move to Monday nights. But keep the celebration on hold.

This week, the show generated the season’s best ratings in several key
demographic categories for a WB series in the 9 p.m. Monday slot. That’s not
enough to guarantee it will be back next season, though.

“They are very happy with the ratings,” said a WB spokesman. “The network has
always been behind the show, always loved the show, but they won’t decide
until after we see how it does in sweeps.”

WB brass repeatedly have said the show’s performance in the coming weeks will
be key to its survival.

– Richard Huff


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