Mention in Palm Beach Post

Thanks to Janet for sending this in!

The Palm Beach Post
By Kevin Thompson

(Roswell portions of the article are included here)

You can tell Roswell (9 p.m., Channel 41 on Comcast, WGN stations on
Adelphia, WTCN-Channel 16, WBZL-Channel 39) is on the verge of
cancellation. Ever since the WB warned the show’s producers that their
alien/teen drama might not come back next fall, the series got mighty
hot and heavy. The same thing happened with Hyperion Bay last year.
Remember when the no-talent Carmen Electra was added to the cast to
sex up the show and boost ratings? Of course, it didn’t work. But
Roswell’s steamy stunts have only made this compelling series even
more interesting. You need a scorecard to keep all the romances
straight. Let’s see, Max and Liz make out every two minutes. But now
Max is smitten with Tess, a mysterious hottie alien. (How come you
never see average-looking aliens on this show?) Maria and Michael have
been going at it for weeks. Isabel and Alex just started. Now Michael
is having steamy dreams about Isabel. And Isabel is having the same
dreams about Michael.

Soap opera theatrics aside, Roswell remains one fine show. The
addition of Tess (is she a killer shape shifter or another friendly
E.T.?) added yet another intriguing element. Chances are, Roswell
won’t be back. So I suggest you enjoy it now while you can.