Watch with Wanda (Roswell and Felicity mentions)

Thanks to Joanna for sending this in. E!Online’s Wanda mentions the Roswell campaigns, and is asking for help in saving felicity

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This Week: Felicity needs you…to help it survive

They say bad things happen in threes.

First, NBC pulls my beloved Freaks and Geeks–right
after the memorable Bill and the peanut episode, too.

Then comes word (and confirmation) that Roswell is on
its last legs, and oh, what a good idea, the WB is
moving it to Monday night in the exact same spot that
killed off Hyperion Bay and Safe Harbor. (Okay, fine,
those two deserved the kabosh, but still.)

Can it get more depressing? The answer is yes. I
received news from some of my higher-up pals at
Felicity this week that our girl and her two guys are
in serious danger of the big C. The WB is actually
threatening to yank Felicity for good if the show’s
ratings don’t improve on Wednesday, April
5–Felicity’s first airing on its new day and time.
Are they kidding?

Unfortunately, no. (Remember, these are the same
people who can’t get enough of Popular.) If you’ve
been following my column at all, you know that since
the first day I spied that once-frizzy gal, I’ve been
completely smitten. You know I’m a Noel supporter, and
you know that Miss Spoiler herself (that would be me)
actually withheld from blabbing about Feli’s big
decision between Ben and Noel because even I know when
superscoopage can spoil quality television.

The point is this show is one of my all-time
favorites, and I won’t stand by and let the WB kick it
in the face so they can make room for another bunch of
whiny teens. They can hype all they want, but they’ll
still fall short of Feli & the Gang.

We’ve got to fight back. Even if you’ve already sent
your bottle of Tabasco sauce to the Frog execs in
support of Roswell, you’re not done yet. We need you!
Pick up a pen or a mouse or a cassette tape (you know,
like Felicity and Sally), and let it be known that you
want your Felicity!

Send it to Jamie Kellner at Warner Brothers TV, 4000
Warner Blvd, Building 34R, Burbank, CA 91522, or email
Jamie Kellner. And hurry!

Be sure not to write “Felicity” anywhere on the
envelope, or all your hard work will end up in some
mailroom far, far away.

According to Felicity creator JJ Abrams, your voice
does count. I told him how supportive you’ve all been
in regards to the show, and he asked me to relay this
right back at ya: “Thank you so much for your
support…Whatever you can do to help us, the cast and
crew will be eternally grateful.”

Who knows, he might even owe you a major spoiler–or
two or three.


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