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Thanks to Chaz who let me know about this.

WB Peppers the Press
With PR for ‘Roswell’

The WB has figured out to what to do with the 2,100 bottles of Tabasco sauce it’s been sent by fans of the show “Roswell.”

In an effort to get “Roswell” renewed, fans have been sending the network bottles of Tabasco sauce as a way of saying “Roswell” is hot. Yesterday, two bottles of the stuff turned up at The News as part of a package promoting the show’s move to Mondays at 9 p.m.

“We’re sharing the wealth by sending a few of these celebratory bottles of Tabasco to you,” said Pam Morrison, director of prime-time publicity, in a letter to newspaper writers.

“Roswell” revolves around a group of aliens who look like humans, adapting to life on Earth. For the uninitiated, Tabasco is the alien beverage of choice.

No word on whether the show will be back next season.

– Richard Huff

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