What’s hot and what’s not for fall TV

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What’s hot and what’s not for fall TV

From: Chicago Sun Times
April 25, 2000


Beginning in three weeks, the six main TV networks will start unveiling their fall schedules. Your favorite shows will either be renewed or canceled. Brace yourself.

Already picked up for next fall are:

“Angel” (WB), “Becker” (CBS), “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (WB), “The Drew Carey Show” (ABC), “ER” (NBC), “Everybody Loves Raymond” (CBS), “Frasier” (NBC), “Futurama” (Fox), “JAG” (CBS), “Judging Amy” (CBS), “Just Shoot Me” (NBC), “The King of Queens” (CBS), “King of the Hill” (Fox), “Law & Order” (NBC), “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (NBC), “Malcolm in the Middle” (Fox), “NYPD Blue” (ABC), “Once and Again” (ABC), “Nash Bridges” (CBS), “The Practice” (ABC), “Providence” (NBC), “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” (moving from ABC to the WB), “7th Heaven” (WB), “The Simpsons” (Fox), “Spin City” (ABC), “Star Trek: Voyager” (UPN), “The Steve Harvey Show” (WB), “That ’70s Show” (Fox), “3rd Rock From the Sun” (NBC), “Third Watch” (NBC), “3rd Rock From the Sun” (NBC), “Third Watch” (NBC), “Titus” (Fox), “Touched by an Angel” (CBS), “Walker, Texas Ranger” (CBS), “The West Wing” (NBC), “Whose Line is it Anyway?” (ABC), “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” (ABC), “Will & Grace” (NBC) and “WWF Smackdown!” (UPN).

Already approaching room temperature in a shallow mass grave are:

“Action” (Fox), “Ally” (Fox), “Battery Park” (NBC), “Beverly Hills, 90210” (Fox), “Boy Meets World” (ABC), “Brutally Normal” (WB), “Cosby” (CBS), “D.C.” (WB), “Dilbert” (UPN), “God, the Devil and Bob” (NBC), “Grapevine” (CBS), “Harsh Realm” (Fox), “It’s like, you know …” (ABC), “Love and Money” (CBS), “The Mike O’Malley Show” (NBC), “Mission Hill” (WB), “Odd Man Out” (ABC), “Oh Grow Up” (ABC), “Party of Five” (Fox), “Ryan Caulfield: Year One” (Fox), “Safe Harbor” (WB), “Secret Agent Man” (UPN), “Snoops” (ABC), “Suddenly Susan” (NBC), “Veronica’s Closet” (NBC), “Wasteland” (ABC), “Winning Lines” (CBS), “Wonderland” (ABC) and “Work With Me” (CBS).

The remaining TV shows are what are known as “on the bubble,” and some are better bets than others to survive. Here is one observer’s outlook for their futures:

“Ally McBeal” (Fox)–Fox is hungry for more.

“America’s Most Wanted” (Fox)–Still wanted.

“The Beat” (UPN)–UPN ought to keep it, but might not.

“Charmed” (WB)–Should have enough magic to stick around.

“Chicago Hope” (CBS)–“Hope” is running out.

“City of Angels” (CBS)–Patient in critical condition, might survive.

“Cops” (Fox)–Expected to be detained for another year.

“Daddio” (NBC)–Mr. Mom likely to come back.

“Dawson’s Creek” (WB)–Recent ratings drought a huge concern.

“Dharma & Greg” (ABC)–Expected to continue.

“Diagnosis: Murder” (CBS)–Prognosis iffy.

“Early Edition” (CBS)–The news might not be good.

“Falcone” (CBS)–Looks to be rubbed out. Or stuck on Saturdays.

“Family Guy” (Fox)–Fox not sure it wants this guy.

“Family Law” (CBS)–Likely to remain in the family.

“Felicity” (WB)–Her hair will grow. WB worried her ratings won’t.

“For Your Love” (WB)–Might not be loved enough. All you need is ratings.

“Freaks and Geeks” (NBC)–Canceled by NBC, this one remains an outcast.

“Friends” (NBC)–Contract negotiations with cast will determine whether they’ll be there for you–or NBC. Smart money–what’s left of it afterward–says they’re back.

“Get Real” (Fox)–Get nervous.

“Greed” (Fox)–Fox without “Greed” is hard to imagine.

“Grown-Ups” (UPN)–Might not get to keep growing.

“The Hughleys” (ABC)–Might be final “TGIF” casualty.

“Jack & Jill” (WB)–It’s an uphill battle, but could return.

“The Jamie Foxx Show” (WB)–Foxx on the run, but probably will be back.

“Jesse” (NBC)–This wasn’t canceled last year? Stick a fork in it now.

“Kids Say the Darnedest Things” (CBS)–Children will be seen but might not heard for long.

“Ladies Man” (CBS)–Could be headed for no-man’s land.

“Making the Band” (ABC)–Ought to be stuck in the cutout bin.

“Malcolm & Eddie” (UPN)–This Malcolm might get X-ed.

“Martial Law” (CBS)–May get chopped.

“Moesha” (UPN)–Brandy is a fine girl. She’s probably coming back.

“Movie Stars” (WB)–Time to look for new roles?

“Norm” (ABC)–Community service probably extended.

“Now and Again” (CBS)–Maybe again, maybe not. Hope it lives.

“The Others” (NBC)–We aren’t psychic. We can’t see its future.

“The Parkers” (UPN)–Mother and daughter coeds expected to advance to next grade.

“The PJs” (Fox)–Poor people. Poor ratings. Poor outlook.

“Popular” (WB)–Probably popular enough to stay on the air.

“The Pretender” (NBC)–We could pretend it’s a sure thing, but it’s not.

“Profiler” (NBC)–Call the coroner.

“Roswell” (WB)–WB seems to have warmed to hot-sauce renewal campaign.

“7 Days” (UPN)–Time travel drama expects more time.

“Shasta McNasty” (UPN)–McBye-Bye.

“Sports Night” (ABC)–They know the score. Might not be updated.

“Stark Raving Mad” (NBC)–You want crazy? Renew this.

“Then Came You” (ABC)–And there they probably went.

“Time of Your Life” (Fox)–Time seems to have run out.

“Twenty One” (NBC)–Might get ’86ed.

“Two Guys and a Girl” (ABC)–And a possible renewal.

“World’s Wildest Police Videos” (Fox)–Fox says it’s giving up the reality genre.

“The X-Files” (Fox)–Contract negotiations with David Duchovny and whether show needs him are key. They ought to end it. They probably won’t.

“Zoe” (WB)–No way.


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