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Site of the Week — May 8, 2000

Roswell: Crashdown

The WB’s Roswell is one of the more thoughtful entries in the slew of Buffy the Vampire Slayer-inspired teen-angst-meets-the-supernatural TV dramas. Despite uneven ratings, the show has garnered a devoted fan base and a number of good unofficial Web sites, one of the best of which is Roswell: Crashdown.

The site features extensive episode synopses and reviews accompanied by photos, slide shows, spoilers and even transcripts. There are also biographies and large image galleries for the eight leading actors. Fan input is included with amateur drawings, fan fiction, polls, a very busy message
board and a Java chat room. The links list is long and includes sites focusing on the real-life Roswell controversy as well as the show and cast. The site is kept up to date with plot twists and behind-the-scenes information. In fact, many of the nuggets and updates betray a sense of
urgency born of industry speculation about the show’s imminent demise.

Roswell: Crashdown is a great resource for fans and makes a case for the show to newcomers. That’s good news for an unusual and distinctive underdog like Roswell.

— Mark Wilson


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