Fates To Be Revealed For “X-Files,” “Roswell”

This comes from my local paper-the Ventura County Star in their TV Star area. And yes, I know everyone already knows the fate of the show but bear with the article-it was written before the announcement was made…

Fates To Be Revealed For “X-Files,” “Roswell”
By Dave Mason
TV Star Editor

Fans want to believe, but if the truth is out there, Fox isn’t saying. At least not yet.

But the network promises it will announce the fate of “The X-Files” Thursday when it reveals its fall schedule. A Fox spokeswoman said that until now, the network didn’t know whether it would bring back the popular series for another season.

Like a determined Fox Mulder, I tried to find out the truth, but I think the Committee was secretly working against me. The spokeswoman said the “X-Files” producers are giving no interviews until the network announces what’s up. As TV Star went to press last week, no one was saying whether Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) would return this fall. The contracts expire this season for Duchovny and Creator/Executive Producer Chris Carter.

The same kind of uncertainty surrounds another series about aliens, this time
teen-agers-“Roswell” Coincidence? Hmmm..

The WB will announce Tuesday whether it will pick up the series for another season, a spokeswoman said. That’s the day the network will announce its fall schedule.

She noted the ratings for “Roswell” have improved since it moved to 9 Monday nights. The 9 p.m. Wednesday timeslot was bad for the show-it lost many sci-fi fans to “Star Trek: Voyager” on UPN.

The “Roswell” season finale airs this week and “The X-Files” will wrap up its season next Sunday….

(Skipping part about “First Wave”)

Meanwhile, “Roswell” fans have been voicing their support by mailing Tabasco sauce for two months to The WB. That’s a popular condiment at the Crashdown Cafe in Roswell, N.M. I hope the well-written series is picked up for a second season-it’s brillantly unpredictable and incredibly
well-acted. The cinematography is impressive and the episodes consistently have been more compelling than “Voyager” (I love “Star Trek” and don’t say things like that lightly)

Each “Roswell” story is like a small movie, and that’s refreshing for television.

The spokeswoman said she didn’t know what impact the fan response-and all that Tabasco sauce-was having on the programming department at The WB. By the way, the Crashdown Cafe is on a sound stage not too far from the “Voyager” bridge at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, and both sets are fairly close to vampire Angel’s apartment on “Angel” It’s a small universe.

Maybe Max (Jason Behr) and his friends can beam up to Voyager if things get too hairy on Earth and if and when the starship returns to our planet.

Next season is Voyager’s seventh and final one, and it’s likely to make it home late in the season.

Executive Producer Rick Berman has said he would like to have some time to explore what happens to the crew when they get home.

As you can see, the truth is out there. I already believe.