Five Shows that Deserve a Time Slot

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From Entertainment Weekly:

Click the link above to read the whole article. These are the Roswell relevant sections:

It’s nervous time in TV land. As the six broadcast networks set their
schedules for next fall, marginally rated shows sit precariously on the
proverbial ”bubble,” and fans organize campaigns to save their favorites.
Devotees of the WB’s alien sudser ”Roswell” have made the most noise, and
it appears to be working; in its new Monday slot, the series has retained
more of its ”7th Heaven” lead-in than any other show this season. But it’s
far from the only sleeper worth reviving.

[…] Now & Again CBS would be making a big mistake if it pulled the plug on this
wildly original freshman drama, which, like ”Roswell,” combines sci-fi
with romance. Recent episodes have been uneven, but so was ”The Sopranos”
this year. That’s what happens when you take creative chances. When ”Now &
Again” is at its best — as it was in an episode that resurrected John
Goodman’s dead character from the pilot — it’s as good as anything on TV,
including ”The Sopranos.”


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