Kudos for nets’ top rookies

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Kudos for nets’ top rookies

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HOLLYWOOD This season’s Rookies of the Year are a diverse group,
including dramas featuring characters ranging from the president of
the United States to teenage aliens.

Each has stepped in to fill trouble spots on network schedules and all
but one has been guaranteed a sophomore season.

Of course, two of the top rookies — ABC’s “Who Wants to Be a
Millionaire” and UPN’s “WWF Smackdown!” — would also rank as their
respective nets’ Most Valuable Players.

Here’s a net-by-net look at the season’s top rookie ratings

The WB : It’s been a rough year for the Frog weblet, but “Roswell ,”
a drama about three aliens masquerading as human teens in Roswell ,
N.M., has emerged a success.

The show, which has emphasized its sci-fi aspects with its recent move
to Monday, has done the best job of retaining the “7th Heaven”
audience in viewers and key demos than anything else the net has tried
on Monday at 9 the last few years.

It’s also the only one of this season’s top rookies yet to be asked
back for a second season.

So, just what do aliens cross for good luck?


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