Zap2it: WB’s Daniels on ‘Roswell,’ Williamson

WB’s Daniels on ‘Roswell,’ Williamson
Wed, Jul 26, 2000 10:57 AM PDT

LOS ANGELES ( – The fans do have a voice; at least they did in the case of saving “Roswell.” WB entertainment president Susanne Daniels and network CEO Jamie Kellner admitted this week that the fan campaign of sending in bottles of tobasco sauce to show support for the show was very effective. But not all messages were friendly.

“It’s not all very nice,” said Kellner of some of the fan mail he received. “Some of those messages are ‘You idiots, you don’t know anything about what we like.”

Daniels said she had to change her email address three times because of the amount of email she received. However, Kellner noted, the extra step of sending the sauce bottles stood out.

“I’ve gotten a lot of emails and letters,” he said. “I’ve never gotten anybody to send me stuff that costs money, and it was remarkable.”

“The Internet is a viral medium,” Kellner said, of how the campaign spread.

While “Roswell’s” future is still dependent on what happens next season, the two execs were much more upbeat about “Dawson’s Creek.”

“I think the show really hit its stride (at the end of last season),” Kellner said. “With ‘90210’ out of the time period this fall, ‘Dawson’s Creek’ will be the show to watch.”

However, fans shouldn’t expect the return of show creator Kevin Williamson anytime soon. Daniels said Williamson has nothing to do with the show, but has expressed interest in talking to the net about future projects.