Baltimore Sun-Max and Liz Question

Thanks to KayCM for this :) I happen to know Jay since he does a lot of articles and features for Zap2it from the Glen Falls office in New York where he’s based.

From the TV guide supplement to The Baltimore Sun:

by Jay Bobbin
Tribune Media Services
Wed., Aug. 30, 2000 page 21

Q: I really like “Roswell,” but I’ve heard rumors that it’s being taken off
the air. Is this true?
A: Rest easy. The show is about to start its second season on the WB
Network, probably in October, since most series’ new episodes will begin
after the Summer Olympics. We had a chance to speak with actor Jason Behr –
alias “Roswell’s” Max – at a recent WB press event, and he told us there will
be an extra dose of exploration of the aliens’ roots this year. That should
result in a little more sci-fi and a little less romance, though Behr added
that those who are rooting for Max and earthling Liz (Shiri Appleby) to get
back together shouldn’t give up hope.