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Interview With Anthony Rodriguez (Mentions Majandra)

Thanks to Sheila for sending this in to me:

A Man With A Plan: Anthony Rodriguez
by Sheila LimontasFree lance Journalist
Mr.Rodriguez of fame “Sci-fi Lullaby”, was kind enough to answer some
questions. About himself, the band and one his new stars “Majandra”.

Q1: Who is Anthony Rodriguez ?

1. I am a young male from Los Angeles CA. I, along with my partner Art
Martinez, write and produce songs for our project as well as other artists.

Q2: Who are “Sci-fi Lullaby”?

2. Sci-Fi Lullaby is our personal band which consists of 5 members. Art,
Booby, David, Tad and myself. are primary influences are The Beatles, Depeche
Mode and Radiohead.

Q3: Who is “Majandra”?

3. Majandra is a beautiful, sharp and twisted songwriter. Art and I produce
the music behind her voice.

Q4: Where do you see “Sci-fi Lullaby” going in the next year?

4. By next year Sci-Fi Lullaby will be known as ‘the Loveless’ and should be
releasing a new record on a major label.

Q5: Where do you see “Majandra” going in the next year?

5. We have the same plans next year for Majandra.

Q6: Where do you see yourself, Anthony Rodriguez going in the next year?

6. Next year I will be in the studio on stage and at least for a couple of
weeks in Europe.

Q7: Any finally comments you’d like others to know?

7. Stay tuned with Sheila for information regarding the launch of both ‘the
Loveless’ and Majandra’s new web site.

Cheers- Anthony

I want to thank Mr.Rodriguez for taking the time to answer these questions.
And for all who want to learn more about Sci-fi Lullaby and Majandra, please
check them out at http://www.sci-filullaby.com