Around The World With “Roswell”

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Roswell on the Space Channel is being pushed to Oct. 6th. Here is the link:
It’s not stated if they will air season one like they had originally planned.

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On the Sunday before the original Monday night, Roswell plays the same
episode that will be played the following Monday. Again, it’s Sunday at 4pm
on ch 23. Also, the Here with ME by Dido has been released to the local
station 104.7 KCLD. Please call in and request it as much as you possibly
can. :)


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This topic came up in a message board thread in which a fan was unable to
receive a WB channel locally to watch Roswell. The Dish Network satellite
system carries three WB affiliates: WPIX in New York City, KWGN in Denver
and KTLA in Los Angeles. Hence Roswell can be seen at three different times
each Monday. AT this time, the DSS satellite system does not carry any WB
affiliates. We just installed a DISHPlayer, a TiVo like satellite receiver,
at at cost of approximately $64 including installation with a one year
programming commitment. The Roswell picture quality is excellent, much
better than obtained on our local cable system and service is available
throughout the US. Information on price and instillation can be obtained at
the Dish Network WEB site:

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Roswell can now be seen on Telefe (Federal Television) in Argentina. Pilot episode was aired on 27th. August, 5pm.
Roswell series is still being aired here on FOX TV (cable), started last February.

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i thought you might like to post up on your site that BBC 2 [terrestrial UK
channel] is about to start showing s1 Roswell [known as roswell high here
for some reason….???] shortly. so you probably will be
joined by a couple million new international viewers/fans. [if my memory
serves me correctly, BtVS, also shown on this channel receives over 3
million viewers per show].

In case anyone wasn’t aware, “Roswell”‘s original title was “Roswell High” which other countries have kept and used instead of “Roswell”