Entertainment Teen – Roswell

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EntertainmentTeen, October 2000
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Even though it seems as if there’s nothing normal about the high schoolers in the series “Roswell,” the actors who play them had average high school experiences. Cast members KATHERINE HEIGL, who plays alien Isabel, and JASON BEHR, who plays her equally out-of-this-world bro, Max, were firmly grounded on this planet.

“I had my core group of friends,” Katherine says. “Basically by my sophomore year of high school, I didn’t care what anybody thought of me anymore. And I was just going to do my own thing and be happy and try to ignore all the cliques and all the crap that went on. My friends and I were just all really close and hung out all the time and laughed a lot. And we tried not to take ourselves too seriously.”

Katherine was already her beautiful self by high school. She had a successful modeling career and had starred in the film,”My Father The Hero.”

Jason had a different sort of experience. “I was thinner and I was shorter,” he says. “I absolutely would not go back if you paid me. The one good thing about high school that I really did enjoy was spending that time hanging out with friends and enjoying life. But the one thing I have a lot more of now than I did then was responsibility. I don’t think you can really appreciate that until that lack of responsibility is gone, so that’s something that I would love to go back for, just for a little bit of time. Give me no responsibility for like – I don’t know – a week, and I’ll be happy.”

What Max and Isabel wouldn’t give for Jason and Katherine’s average experiences. This fall, there’ll be even more drama on “Roswell,” as the show explores the mythology behind the lives of our favorite aliens.