FYI -Roswell Gets Real Yes!

Thanks to Secret~Keeper for sending this in.

Deanna Cheney/FYI

For most movie aficionados fantasy is much more enjoyable when it is believable. That’s why the production specialists with “Roswell” the television series are actively working to infuse the fledgling show with a higher grade of realism.
The creative handiwork of Jason Katims (My So Called Life) and David Nutter (X-Files), “Roswell” is a teen drama now entering its second season on WB. Filmed largely at Paramount Studios, it falls to set specialists Susan Benjamin and Claudia Alves to create a sense of authenticity not just for the talented ensemble of actors but for viewers who tune in each week.
Following a visit to Roswell this past June, Benjamin and Alves contacted Roswellites to collect items and artifacts that can be utilized as props in the 2000/2001 series shows of “Roswell”. FYI Magazine’s 2000 regional recreation guide, which features a souvenir guide to this year’s UFO festival, is but one artifact collected.
“We’d like to have your paper available around the series’ fictional town of Roswell and at the cafe where the shows characters hang out,” said Alves who noted that sometimes art simply imitates life. “Susan picked up several copies of your summer visitor guide when she toured Roswell with cast members recently and brought several back to the set. We think it will make a perfect addition to what we’re trying to do here.”
Using FYI and the Roswell Civic Center as reference sources, items obtained in the recent collection process range from paintings to posters to historical photos to alien icons.