Campaign Time – Phase 1 – Thank the WB

The Campaigners and Roswell2 moderators think its time to show the WB how much we want a whole year of Roswell!

Go and visit the WB’s site and post some positive comments on their message boards. There is a WB Appreciation thread over there started by our Roswell2 Campaigners where you can post all of your comments:

“The WB Appreciation thread”

Post about Roswell in general, the 9 remaining episodes that you
just have to see, the site, the Jason Katims interviews
on that site … anything goes, but please don’t post anything negative as
it is counter-productive to our efforts.

Also, remember to send similar feedback to the WB at: Thank them for the silverhandprint site and the interviews — tell them how much you enjoy them!

Keep watching the Roswell 2 board — there are some announcements coming up in the next few days as we switch gears and pump up our Campaign efforts!

Thanks everyone for your support! :)The Campaign Crew & Ros 2 Mods