Happy Birthday Squanto, Netranger and Lisabham

Today-well technically it’s the 16th where I am right now but October 17th is the joint birthdays for Squanto, Netranger and Lisabham. Please help me in wishing them a very happy birthday.

For those who may not be aware-Squanto aka Darien is the main person in charge of Crashdown (yeah I know you mainly see news posts from me but he doesn’t mind-really he doesn’t :) )and it’s because of him that Crashdown is even possible. He’s one of the admins on Fanforum and an-all around nice guy. So please tell him thank you and how much you appreciate all his hard work with Crashdown day in and day out.

Wish Squanto a Happy Birthday!

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Netranger..what can I say about him. He’s one of the nicest guys I know (plus he doesn’t make fun of my size which is a plus in my eyes ;) ) Netranger aka Kenn is one of the other admins who keep fanforum running nice and smoothly and helps out with crashdown. So please thank him also for all his hard work and dedication on the site and fanforum.

Wish Netranger a Happy Birthday!

Lisa is one of the moderators on the Roswell 1 board and helps keep that board running as smoothly as possible. She also runs the Brendan Fehr website and a Dark Angel site and I assume she does something else on Crashdown but I’m drawing a blank right now though on exactly what. Please wish her some happy birthday wishes as well on her special day.

Wish Lisa a Happy Birthday!

I apologize for not posting links to birthday threads for Netranger and Lisa. I wasn’t sure if anyone else was planning on starting threads for them and didn’t want to step on any toes by starting birthday threads for them(