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Understanding Majandra’s Music

Thanks to Sheila for sending this in :)

From “Majandra”:

Understanding “Bruises,Siren & Tattoo” from Majandra

BRUISES was written when I was at a point in a relationship were one becomes desperate, immature and makes no sense. See what I am saying throughout this song is that nothing could feel worse then what I had been put through, and violent punishments wouldn’t even satisfy the hatred. There is no pill
to take that horrid feeling of loss and betrayal away, or even make-up to conceal it.

TATTOO was written on the same day as Bruises about the same person, however this song is more of the first initial shock of what had been done to me. The shock of realizing that out of nowhere you are suddenly not loved and ignored. It’s all of the ways that you want to get back at him, and all of the ways you want to get back at yourself for having been so blatantly dumb.

SIREN is a falling in love song. Its when you have that feeling of total lack of control because of the way someone makes you feel. Its losing at your game when you were so good at playing. Its losing the superhero in you with the wave of their hand or a simple comment etc… Its that creepy way they effortlessly haunt you-the one that continues to piss me off.

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