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Thanks to Thicket for sending this in:

This letter appears in the Focus Forum section of The Times-Picayune’s (New
Orleans paper) weekly tv magazine TV Focus (Nov. 12-18):

Hot Sauce Saved The Day

I would love it if you would write an article on the TV show “Roswell.” It
is in its second season, and all I can say “Wow!” While “Roswell” started
out as merely another teen drama, over the first season it developed into a
great sci-fi show. So far this season it has been great – very suspenseful.
I encourage you to check it out, Monday, 8 p.m. – J.L.

Editors’ reply:

The series was on the brink of cancellation last spring when fans took
action. After sending some 6,000 bottles of Tabasco sauce (the preferred
alien snack on the show) to network execs, they were rewarded with another
season. This time out, “Roswell” has a greater emphasis on its sci-fi
elements and less on adolescent soap opera – resulting in the changes you’ve