Interview With TV Gal

Just thought this was interesting. In case anyone wasn’t aware, is actually part of Tribune Media so expect some good things after they tweak the stuff on the site.

Subject: News- Interview – TvGal – If You Can Take It, She Can Dish It!

Amy Amatangelo- If You Can Take It, She Can Dish It!

Sheila Limontas
Free Lance Journalist

Q1: Who is Amy Amatangelo the TV Gal?

All my life, I’ve loved entertainment – especially television. I love talking to people about my favorite (and not so favorite) shows. I love processing plot developments, performances, and hairstyles. About three years ago, I started writing the TV Gal column. I wanted to write a column about television that answered questions I had like why did that guest star look so familiar and discussed television shows the way I talk about them to my friends. Since my first column, the response has been great. I also write for the Boston Herald.

Hmmm . . . what else can I tell you? I’m extremely fortunate and blessed to have a loving family, great friends and a job I love. I actually was an accounting major in college, so I’m proof that your career is not confined by what you studied in school. I currently live in Massachusetts, but grew up in Texas. I’m single but I’ve been a bridesmaid three times and a maid of honor twice (you should see some of the outfits I had to wear!) I have one sister, who is an actress and very, very funny (she’s going to be on Saturday Night Live someday, I just know it!) My parents never let me watch that much television growing up (which could explain my current condition). But now both my mom and dad watching Everybody Loves Raymond, The West Wing and The Practice. It’s my biggest television accomplishment. My dad also clips articles about television in the Wall Street Journal and sends them to me

The movies I’ll watch again and again are Hannah and Her Sisters, The Outsiders, Evita, The Truman Show, A Sure Thing, The Breakfast Club, Clueless, and A Bronx Tale. I love Madonna and am huge fan of country music (Mary Chapin Carpenter, The Dixie Chicks, etc.). And I love most top 40 music yes I own both *N Sync and Backstreet Boys albums. I also love to read. The best book I’ve read recently is called Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. I highly recommend it.

Q2: What is all about?

Dish was designed to be an entertaining and informative site for teens about their favorite shows, news, issues, teen-related topics, advice, etc. Even though this site is targeted toward a certain age group, we’ve found that a lot of the content we have to offer is appealing to people of all ages. And we’re perfectly happy with that! We’re also thrilled that Roswell fans dominate our message boards (

Dish will soon be going on hiatus. We wanted to take all that great information we have and tinker around with things a little to bring fans an even better site. Don’t worry though, my weekly TV Gal column will still be found at I’ll be here through all the transition.

Q3: You just won an award for “Best Web Journalist.” How do you feel about that?

Actually Content Exchange ( named me one of the Net’s Hottest Columnist. It was wonderful honor and such a surprise! I had no idea that it would happen. I have so much fun writing my column. It is always wonderful to know that people enjoy reading it.

Q4: What are your thoughts on this season of the WB’s Roswell?

I’ve written quite a bit about this season of Roswell in my column. I think the show got off to a shaky start. I would like to see a better balance between romance and alien mythology. But I think the last two episodes (summer of ’47 and Max back from the future) have been great. So many clues have been hinted at (four more aliens, the skins, what would happen if Tess weren’t with them) and the relationships are starting to be explored again (love the Michael and Marie exchanges). Roswell is one of my favorite shows. I’m hoping that the WB picks it up for a full season. My only request? For heaven’s sake Michael comb back your hair!

Q5: Where if can state do you get your “Dish” on Roswell?

I get all my dish from a variety of places. The official network releases, preview tapes, and tips from people somehow connected with a particular show offer the some of the best inside gossip. I also read everything there is to read about television.

Q6: Where do you see yourself in the next coming months?

Doing what I love to do writing about television and entertainment! I love my job and I hope to be doing it for many years to come.

Q7: On the last note, what would you like to comment?

Just thanks for the interview. It was so nice of you to ask to interview me. And anyone who wants to talk about Roswell or any other television show can write me at or check out my column at I love receiving e-mail whether it’s positive or negative it let’s me know what people are thinking and what parts of the column are working.