NY Times Article On TV/Movie Production Sets

Thanks to VAB for this:

Sunday’s NY Times had an article on food on TV and Movie production sets. There was a pic of some Roswell production crew-folk, a pic of some gooey sweet dessert from the set, and a mention of the high-calorie high-fat food crews generally get served (as opposed to cast memebrs, who usually get whatever they want, food-wise on most movie and TV sets.

Thanks to Annie for this:

Roswell was mentioned in the November 12 issue of The New York Times
Magazine. There is a section on what actors and crew members eat on the sets of movies and TV shows. Pg 127 reads: 10. “Roswell” crew. Waffles and cream from Michelson Food Services.

Also on pg 130 there is a photo from the set labeled “Lunch time on the set
of the television show Roswell” It shows 4 crew members in line getting