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Kevin Brown’s Message on Crashdown’s Anniversary

Thanks to KDBerg for coordinating this message, and to Kevin Brown for taking the time to do this. Area 51 joined FanForum in September of 1999, but the entire site was reorganized, and relaunched as Crashdown. The launch was on December 15, 1999.

A Message From Kevin Brown to all Roswellians and Fellow Crashdowners:

It was only a year ago that a website called Area 51 joined forces with
FanForum and became Crashdown, much to the delight of all of us. Crashdown
has gone on to become far and away the best show-related website and indeed
one of the best websites I’ve come across in my travels over the Internet.
Beautifully designed, always current, loaded with things even I don’t know,
and of course filled constantly with the thoughts, opinions, observations
and occasional rants of the best, most informed, most committed, passionate
and intelligent fans on this or any other planet! My congratulations to all
involved in designing and maintaining Crashdown on your one-year
anniversary. I realize that you were inspired by our show, but we continue
to be inspired by all of you.

Kevin Kelly Brown