Roswell Mention in Soap Opera Weekly’s Hit and Miss

Thanks to Montana for this:

Roswell is mentioned among the Hits and Misses for primetime in the December
19, 2000 issue of Soap Opera Weekly. The article starts out by saying, With
all the prime time shows on the air there’s no way we could possibly note
every amazing plot twist or lackluster denounement. So, what follows are the
highlights- what most caught our attention in 2000.

HIT Moment: The dance. Ex- lovebirds Max and Liz are still the heart of
this increasingly wild sci-fi soap. Liz’s pained refusal to restart their
relationship got even more intense when a long-haired Max traveled from the
future to tell Liz to sever all romantic ties with “her” Max, or watch the
world end. She was finally able to do so (by pretending to sleep with Kyle,
which devastated Max), but her “what might have been” dance with the older
Max right before he disappeared was heartbreaking.

Hit Cameo:
General Hospital’s Genie Francis (Laura) as the alien teen’s
mother, who- in a holographic message – answered their questions, created
many more and brought them hope.