SCIFIWIRE: ‘Roswell’ Keeps Eye On Lovers

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9:00am ET, 4-December-00

Roswell Keeps Eye On Lovers

Jonathan Frakes, executive producer of The WB’s teen alien series
Roswell, told the British Cult Times magazine that the series’ second-
season emphasis on science fiction won’t come at the expense of the
show’s core relationships.

“The single biggest marching order, from all of us down in the trenches
through the higher-ups at the studio and the network was, ‘Do not lose
sight of the relationships, because that is what sold the show,'” Frakes
told the magazine. “So, it’s a matter of finding the balance. That’s
where we are now. Obviously, some scripts lend themselves to the balance
better and more efficiently than others.”

Frakes added, “I think that the human-alien relationships, which are
personified mostly by Max [Jason Behr] and Liz [Shiri Appleby], are what
drew everybody in. It certainly intrigued me. By putting Max with Tess
[Emilie de Ravin]–his destiny from the pod days, as it were–we are
breaking up the A-story love team. We’ve got the comedy team intact,
even though they’ve broken up, too, and that’s Michael [Brendan Fehr] and Maria [Majandra Delfino]. But I think we need to be very careful
about completely losing our two lead lovers. We always need to come back
to them.”