Australian Roswell ET Phone Home Campaign

Thanks to AgentDawn for this:

Roswell ET Phone Home Campaign

I got bad news and … well just bad news.

It has come to my attention that a few people have called Channel Nine requesting information regarding Roswell about when will be airing. The people who called were informed that Roswell would be returning in June after many magazines stated that it would be February.

This is in any reasonable mind is an unacceptable outcome that requires some action from us Fans.

For this week and next week everyone, this means you, your family members, your friends, your business associates, everyone needs to call Channel Nine [b]Sydney[/b] and before you ask why just Sydney the main reason is so we get heard. If we just called our relevent stations they won’t get the message.

Their number in Sydney is (02) 9906 9999 When you get the switch board ask for someone in the “Programming” area.

These are the questions to ask in your own special way:

When will it be returning to air?

If they say June comment on how magazines have been saying that it was going to return February. And if there was any particular reason it would be changed to June.

Will it be getting a time slot in Prime Time?

In either June or February we need to push for a reasonable timeslot. Like perhaps something like 9.30pm friday nights or something like that.

Please remember to be [b]polite[/b] we don’t want to upset them at channel nine under any circumstances.

More information will be posted regarding any campaign idea’s. If you have any more questions to add to be asked post them on the thread at The Australian Roswell Forums @

Please spread the word about the campaign to all Forum Boards and Websites you can think of.

Thankyou for your time.