Daily News: Max-imum Rivalry on ‘Roswell’

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Tv Guide Janurary 21-26,2001 from Daily News
Max-imum Rivalry on ‘Roswell’
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Ever since Max (Jason Behr) has been anointed the leader of the aliens on
“Roswell”, Brendan Fehr’s character, Michael, has been given nothing but
resistance. Is an all-out mutiny upcoming? “I don’t think that’s going to
happen, thought Michael doesn’t like the way Max leads,” Fehr says. “It’s
going to remain status quo.” He notes that Michael’s constant kvetching comes
from the cross he has to bear. “He got the short end of the stick from the
beginning,”he says,referring to Michael’s abused childhood. “We each have our
own demons we fight here and there.” Actually, Fehr believes that Michael is
finally getting a handle of his demons this season and has ellowed —
somewhat. “He’s gained a lot of social skills and gotten a little more
sensitive to things, which is a natural progression for someone who spends as
much time with a group of people as he does”

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Monday Highlights
< Roswell Isabel (Katherine Heigl ,c.) tries to rescue a girl (guest star Allison Lange, foreground) who has been buried alive, with an assist from Sheriff Valenti (William Sadler, I.) and Max (Jason Behr, r.). CH. 11 9pm