More Cast Sightings

Since there are so many spottings of the cast members, if you send any of them in, I will be updating a cast sightings thing at least once a week so feel free to send in your spottings as often as you want to.


Thanks to Mel for this:

I just spotted Brendan (Fox Family channel) playing the character “Sam”
on the New Addams Family. He was sporting some hot leather pants and
displaying his tattoo for all to see. Thought you ought to know

Thanks to Sonia for this:

i was watching “the addams family” tv show today and Michael from
roswell was on it, it was so funny , he was suppose to be a biker with a
tatto who ends up living with them for a day.

Thanks to l.macmillan for this:

Just channel surfed and saw the last few moments of an interview with Brendan Fehr on Star TV. I think thats out of Toronto, Canada. Not sure how long it was on, but the last few minutes showed a clip from Roswell and then Brendan sitting on a bed talking about how the character he plays is not at all him. So disappointed I missed that. Maybe someone else saw and taped the whole show.


Thanks to Chris for this:

I should add that Desmond Askew has a large part in the movie
_Go_, which also stars Katie Holmes. He plays a drug dealer who
also goes to Las Vegas with his buddies. He has a threesome in a
hotel, helps cause a fire there, and then gets beated up at a strip
club for touching a dancer.


Thanks to Jess for this:

I was watching T.V. and I saw a commercial for an old movie titled “Mercury
Rising” starring Bruce Willis and Miko Hughes around the time he was a kid in
Full House. It was on Channel 24, but I live in L.A. so i dunno what time
it’s showing newhere else.

Thanks to rjponce2000 for these:

We were watching USA and a promo for Mercury
Rising-starring Bruce Willis was on and it showed Miko
Hughes(Nicholas). At first we thought It couldn’t be
him because he looks so young but we watched the movie
and in the credits there it was. Just thought you’d
like to know.

He also stars in the 1989 Pet Sematary as the little
boy Gage who dies ( I don’t remember if he got hit by
the semi-truck because I watched it a long time ago)
comes back evil, kills the mom, and in the end is
killed by the dad. Just thought you’d like to know.


Thanks to UFOGirl for this:

Hi, I was reading about all the Mary Ellen Trainor Sightings and I
noticed that no one mentioned the movie “The Monster Squad.” You see Mary as
again playing a mother of two kids and a husband who is a cop. It is a great
movie. It was made in 1992 so I don’t think you can buy it anymore, but I’m
sure you can rent it.

Thanks to Keena for this:

I saw you were posting news on movies Mary Ellen Trainor has been in, I have seen her everywhere this week. I know she is in Romancing the Stone, and Anywhere But Here (allready posted) so I am going to say that she is on Forest Gump in the end where Forest goes to Jenny’s house to meet his son for the first time, Mary Ellen gives Little Forest to Jenny and says, I have to go I am double parked, she also seems to have a weird accent.

Thanks to Emily for this:

Sorry, this is kinda trivial, but no one mentioned her being the mom in
Goonies, that great 80s pirate flick with Sean Astin, Corey Feldman,
and Martha Plimpton!
Hehe, sorry again, I just couldn’t let anyone forget about that

Long live Sloth!