Various “Sightings” Of Cast Members

Thanks to Jeanette for this:

Jim Ortlieb (aka Nasedo) played the school principal on Any Day Now on
Lifetime on 1/14/01 and will air again on Friday night / Saturday morning.

Thanks to Autumn for this:

. i was watching lifetime movie network and on the next ANY DAY NOW. the man who played the pod squad protector..nasado…i can’t spell it .. but anyhow… he is on that show.
i just thought that you guys might want to know.. it comes on .. i believe at 8:00 on sunday nights.

Thanks to Buffy24601 for this:

Yet another sighting of a Roswell cast member in a movie;
the man who plays Nasedo (I’m really badly drawing a blank on his name…grrr)
briefly appears in the movie Magnolia.

Thanks to Steve for this:

The man who played Grant Sorenson played Randy on Ally Mcbeal.

Thanks to Arielle for this:

I was watching Forrest Gump the other day and once again I saw Mary Ellan Trainor in it.She has small parts in like every movie. She is in the scene when forrest gors to jenny’s house and someone comes to the door holding jenny’s son ( haley joel osmont) and that women holdin ” Forrest jr” is Mary.

Thanks to roswell301 for this:

In case you didn’t know, I just watched Apollo 13 and realized Miko Hughes is in it. He plays the son of Jim Lovell who is the captain of the mission. His name is Jeffery Lovell and he is about 9 or 10 years old.

Thanks to pharo for this:

I was watching “Inventing The Abbots” on the WB yesterday.(1/14/01) The actor
who plays Philip Evans had a small part in the movie. He was the boss
of one of the main characters.

Thanks to Marina for this:

On Direct Sattelite for USSB, Katie’s movie “My Father, The Hero” was shown twice on Sunday on HBO. First on channel 501 then again on 504 later in the day. It’s most likely that it will again later this month.